Friday, December 11, 2015

China Glaze Out Like a Light

You wouldn't really know it because I haven't blogged much this year, but I've really been into dark grey polish. You know: Zoya Geneviev, OPI Dark Side of the Mood, and now this. I'm not sure what's going on since grey hasn't had this much of a moment since late 2010/early 2011! No hate, though, because China Glaze Out Like a Light is excellent and unlike the other two greys I just name-dropped, it's a true creme. I also should probably share that this is my current pedicure color; rarely do I decide to go full matchy-matchy, but I couldn't resist.

Two coats with SV.

For all 2 of you who are wondering if Out Like a Light looks black, now you can benefit from my weird observations. It does verge on vampy territory, for sure, and is one of those polishes that is darker on the nail than it is in the bottle (doubly so after top coat). In low lights, it'll look black until you compare it to something that actually is black. So if you have a friend or family member who's giving you shit about your nails looking goth or whatever (true story), you still can be like, "NAH" and go about your day. To my eye, it's more of a cool dark grey and I don't have pictures, but it was an exact match for a ~deep charcoal shirt I wear often during this time of year.

Normally I'm all about that three coat life, but Out Like a Light is opaque in one coat and completely patch-less at two. This leads me to believe that it would make a great polish for nail art and an excellent layering base (I was going to use Essie Jazzy Jubilant, but #toolazy. Soon!). I thought the formula was a pinch more watery than creamy, although I might be nitpicking at this point. Do not load up your brush because you will definitely get some cuticle flooding!! Other than that, it's smooth sailing with this one. Dry time was really great with SV; if you want to wear this for longer than two days, you might want to try another top coat that doesn't scuff quite so quickly ... alternately, you can add a glitter or layering polish on top. I only wore this for two days because I decided to chop my nails down a bit, but it didn't get any chips. It's been on my toes for the last two weeks -- still looking perfect -- and I expect it will stay on for another two weeks. It's so damn good.

Out Like a Light is from China Glaze's Twinkle collection for 2014 so it's a year old now, but if you love dark grey cremes, it's still a really good one. I passed on it when I was getting my Twinkle picks last December, but I kept seeing it in the clearance bin at Sally's and caved either right after New Year's or during a red tag sale in February. I don't remember now. I'm just happy to have it. Look for it online, and also try seeing if a dusty or beauty supply place has it. For some reason I keep seeing it at the Kroger near B's house and at the West End Bed, Bath & Beyond in Richmond, which is odd, but hey.

What do you guys think about Out Like a Light? Do you have a favorite dark grey creme or any layering suggestions for colors like this? (My life is so #whitecapallthethings and I know I mentioned Essie Jazzy Jubilant, but I also think China Glaze Travel in Color would be cute.) ALSO: I realize the Twinkle collection looks super boring next to this year's ChG holiday offering, Cheers!, but Twinkle's grown on me. Plus it's come to my attention that the polish called No Peeking was something of a sleeper hit, one year out. Any opinions on that one? I got it last Christmas in my massive nail polish ornament set from my best friend, so if anyone wants to see that before the month is up, I can try to post it.

Thanks for reading! Hope you guys have a good weekend. I missed Richmond's Krampusnacht last weekend, but I plan on visiting the botanical garden and making B drive all over town to look at tacky lights (tonight?). I think that's a tradition by now. I can't wait to catch up with one of my girlfriends from college, too! Good stuff all around.

Also, this has jack all to do with the holidays, but this "Brooklyn" movie, you guys. Have any of you seen it? I'm interested in seeing it because unlike "Creed," I do not have an emotional investment in that movie and I've heard wonderful things. I have borderline obsessive movie-viewing habits that include reading five million reviews, so the one-two punch of the unknown is very rare for me. I've never even read the original novel. Anyway, if you watched the movie, I'm curious to know if you liked it and if it's worthy of all the hype.


  1. Really nice colors on you, love these kind of dark shades :)

  2. I passed on this when it came out, but darn if you aren't making me have a little re-think. Hope you had a good Christmas! Missed your movie tie ins this year! No worries though, hope real life is treating you well. See ya next year, I hope :)

    1. Hey, Leissa -- I hope you had a good Christmas, too! Yeah, I kind of missed them, but it was nice to wear things "just because" for a change! :)

      BTW, I ended up wearing 3 more colors from Twinkle and if I can unearth one more for NYE, then I'll be at 4. Half of that collection = SLEEPER HIT

  3. I guess I need to see "Brooklyn" now, even though a romantic drama isn't my usual jam - but I've heard so many good things!

    You're making me want to pull out my dark grays, especially because it's raining today!

    1. OMG Ashley, I didn't expect to be as moved by it as I was. The reviewer was right -- I also started crying 40 minutes in and never stopped.

      You're making me want to pull out Cherry Cherry Bang Bang again ...


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