Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Zoya Peterhof Palace (a.k.a. Zoya Ziv) + Friendsgiving 2015

So it's December now. I don't know how I feel about that! But if this means it's time for me to whip out my Helmer drawer of holiday polishes (plus overflow), then it must be a little bit of a good thing, yes?

Speaking of good things ... this gold polish, y'all. It's so good that I wore it for TEN DAYS, from Friendsgiving until two days ago. Admittedly, it didn't look so hot after ten days (or even after five), but gold foils are just so brilliant and, well, forgiving! And you really can't beat their simplicity. I love this color so much.

Here's three coats of Zoya Ziv -- or "Peterhof Palace," as it was called in designer Zang Toi's limited edition February 2013 NYFW trio. I HAD to get the trio because hello, #jeweltonez4lyfe. (Zang Toi's inspiration was Imperial Russia, which, I know nobody watches "Anastasia" for historical accuracy but ohmygod I need to watch it RIGHT NOW.)

Sorry these photos are a bit of a mess as they're from different groups and oh man my hands are so cold and lobstery, wtf? I actually had to color correct a couple because my hands kept showing up too red. Sigh.

You can glimpse the miniscule flakes that make this gold foil so vibrant. As gold foils go, Ziv/Peterhof Palace leans a little warm, but not as warm as SH CSM Gilded Lily, OPI Goldeneye, or Orly Glitz & Glamour do. It IS warmer than OPI Glitzerland, Orly Luxe, and China Glaze Midnight Kiss. In terms of color, Ziv/PP is closer to OPI Dazzled by Gold/ChG Mingle with Kringle so if you have one of those you probably don't need the others. I love gold, though, so ... you know where I stand. ;)

The formula for Ziv/PP is pretty good! You can get full coverage and opacity in two coats, but I thought it was perfect at three. It dries pretty quickly in between coats as well, which is good if you're in a hurry. With my favorite Zoya-compatible top coat, the now-discontinued Cult Nails Wicked Fast, dry time was a breeze and I was able to go to sleep without sheet marks or dents after half an hour (no, I don't have a Candy Crush problem). My nails looked great the next morning and I didn't need any clean-up, but I could've done with those liquid tape things my nail art-loving friends use because holy crap, if you are not careful you will get foil particles everywhere. Anyway, it survived a day of heavy dishwashing without any chips or awful tip wear, and but it did not make it unscathed past Thanksgiving Eve (major tip wear from food prep), and especially not Thanksgiving morning (the sides were peeling and oh yeah, I might have accidentally sliced off a liiiiiiiittle bit of thumbnail while slicing potatoes). Part of the reason I like light shimmery foil polishes so much is because they're so forgiving in terms of tip wear -- you have to look really hard to see it, and the average person wouldn't notice how disgusting my nails actually were, if that makes sense. So major snaps to Ziv for helping a girl out! Removal was a pain, though, because tiny foil bits get EVERYWHERE and I had to wash my hands at least twice to scrub it all off.

Ziv was part of the Zoya Ornate collection from Winter 2012; at this point, it's safe to say that it's a Zoya fan favorite, so it's not hard to find. :) Heck, now that it's officially the holiday season, I'm sure Zoya will have a few sales & promos floating around if they don't already, so do with that information what you will. Ziv's good stuff. Highly recommend (obviously).

Okay, so the next few photos will be an Instagram rehash of our 3rd Annual Friendsgiving dinner at my best friend's house. I know I'm totally That Girl, but I consider Friendsgiving to be the official start of my holiday season because the logistics re: Thanksgiving Actual are so effed (and will continue to be for the rest of my lifetime, I think). This year, we had nine people including myself; we barely managed to cram ourselves around the dinner table. I love getting together with this group of friends and I know the day will come when we won't be able to, so I'm all about doing it up while we can!


Our theme was holiday pajama pants, but I couldn't resist adding these holiday socks from Target. They are the best $5 you will spend on holiday socks and I keep telling people that if I happened to receive another pair for Christmas, I wouldn't be mad. Charlie the pug also wore a Christmas sweater although I couldn't get a picture of him in it. Trust me, he was adorable.

So everything except the spicy Caribbean chicken wings and the amazing salad were made by my best friend and her mom. FROM SCRATCH. The garlic bread stuffing and carrot souffle were such hits last year that they returned this year! The only thing I really missed were mashed potatoes, but I cooked some for actual Thanksgiving and I think they might happen next Friendsgiving because they were GREAT.

Krysi got me to eat Brussels sprouts and I didn't hate them!

Daisy had #noshame in her quest for #icanhazturkey2015.

O hai, Ziv! This beer was my "contribution" to the feast. YOU GUYS. I'm not a beer snob and I don't even like root beer but I can put this stuff away so fast -- a good thing when you wanna get tipsy, which I've been doing a lot lately. 

Pumpkin pie (there were TWO), pumpkin rolls (only difference was the top one had pecans), and eclair cake. Our friend decided to try a little of each but I learned my lesson from last year and only had one slice of pumpkin roll. Attempting to finish dessert after all that food was straight-up gluttony. We were ugly laughing watching our friend try to clear his plate and I was telling B, "Tell your cat I love him" in between bites of pumpkin roll.

Um, yeahhhhhhhhh. Good thing some of us already had our pajama pants on, right? Only another friend's husband and B didn't get in on that. Haha. I was so stuffed that it was all I could do to stumble back into the guest room and pass out almost immediately after we'd cleared the table and piled dishes in the sink. The struggle was so real. But we enjoyed this so much, I'm hoping we can put together a smaller celebration for New Year's Eve! (I've already volunteered myself to make leche flan -- I got my mama's recipe on Thanksgiving and I plan on busting it out every chance I get.)

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this Friendsgiving post! If you got hungry reading it, so did I (damn it). But that was great and Ziv is great and I also hope your holidays are off to a decent start. If everything goes according to schedule, I'll be back with more holiday polishes next week. Yay!


  1. Once again, I must express my mighty need for that eclair cake to be inside me. Definitely going to try my hand at it this Holiday. Ziv/Peterhof Palace looks STELLAR on you.

    1. When you do make it, PICS PLZ! Thanks, girl. :)

  2. Ziv is gorgeous on you and though I have Mingle with Kringle I still might need it!! Your Friends giving dinner looks delicious, yes you made me hungry!!

    1. Thank you, Katherine! I can't help it, I love gold polish SO MUCH. >___<


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