Friday, February 12, 2016

Gift of Fab: Nicole by OPI Get a Mauve On!

A new week, and the 2016 Pastel Obsession rages on! I swear this is not the same color as the one I blogged on Tuesday, but I really couldn't resist.

Once upon a time (okay, Christmas 2014), my best friend gifted me a set of nail polish ornaments, along with the polishes used to make them. You might recall this photo I shared here and on IG:

This picture doesn't need to be so large but sorrynotsorry, IT IS SO AWESOME.
Also, Get a Mauve On! is not as pink IRL as it is in this photo.

I totally hung those ornaments on my tree this past December. They were great. :)

Everything about this nail polish ornament set tickled me to death. Still does, actually. I was? am? particularly entertained by the fact that among the twelve polishes Krysi chose, there was one that I did not know existed -- no small feat for two ardent polish enthusiasts. I Googled NOPI Get a Mauve On! the next day, and found out it was a new core NOPI release for 2015. I decided it was the perfect NOTWeekend for Krysi's birthday shenanigans last Saturday, plus I got to keep the pastel nail train going. And I got a serious crapton of compliments on this color all weekend! Excellence all around.

Sorry my sausage fingers look extra sausage-y in these photos. I was losing light and it was cold AF. Oh, and I have a weird dry spot around my PIP joint on my middle finger, a combo of eczema + wool allergy/knitting rash from holding my working yarn. I HATE WINTER.

Three coats with SV.

Had this polish been a little more saturated or pronounced, I don't know that you could call it a true pastel, but as it is, it doesn't look out of place next to colors like both of the polishes I've just posted. It's just muted enough to not fall under the "bright" label. At first, Get a Mauve On! gave me some Essie Splash of Grenadine vibes, if that Essie had been more purple, creme, and less jelly; this is for sure a color that would have fallen under the "radiant orchid" wheelhouse from a couple years ago.

And to be honest, I don't think of this color as "mauve." Because I am (barely) old enough to remember "The Golden Girls" being on TV, my read on the color is much closer to OPI Just Lanai-ing Around, a.k.a. Blanche Devereaux in a Nail Polish. Basically what I'm saying is if you grew up in the late '80s and early '90s and were around your grandma a lot, then you are no stranger to that warmer variety of mauve. This mauve is more akin to something you'd find in a hair chalk trend situation, I think. It's got a lot of cool lilac tones (part of why I love these photos); at the same time, I could see how it would contain more red compared to other similar shades. It's a little chameleon. What I like best about the color is that it's very feminine without being overly frou-frou, if that makes sense. Love!

ALSO. Can we take a moment to appreciate the NOPI creme formula? When they get it right, they really get it right, and if you are committed to staying within a certain budget, there are so many great NOPIs to choose from that you don't have to venture into OPIs. Application was great, and Get a Mauve On! was opaque in two coats. Dry time was super fast with SV, as always. I wore this for five days without any chipping and barely visible tip wear, which is pretty standard for NOPI and me.

This should still be a core NOPI, so you can find it at Ulta, most drugstores and Walmart -- but when it comes to those last two chains, I've only seen it at stores with HUGE beauty sections. The bare bones beauty section at the Walmart near my parents, for example, doesn't carry this color. So keep this in mind. Ulta definitely has it, though, and even without a sale or promo, you can pick up two with a $3.50 coupon for just under $11 before tax. And it won't be hard to pick two, because NOPI has some good core colors right now. (Let me remind you, OPI is like $10 right now, are you fucking kidding me and when did this happen?!?) I really need to do a NOPI brand week ...

This bombass polish is not the only thing I must thank Krysi for today. No; right before we dove into her birthday festivities, she gave me a late Christmas present. I was really excited about it, as she'd said earlier that week via text that "it might be the most ridiculous thing" she'd ever made. Well, I am ALWAYS here for ridiculous. I told her I hoped it was "social-worker-in-a-horse levels of ridiculous." (RIP, "Hannibal.")

And oh, was it ever.

(L-R) Hannigram, Magic Mike, Piemaker, Dexter Morgan, TEXAS FOREVER, Captain Hornblower, Eric Northman and Vampire Beel 

I AM DYING. I was laughing so hard, I could not stand up when she said that she went on the "TV is my boyfriend" tag on this blog to decide who she should include on this thing. As it turns out, the bracelet is a bit too long for me, so somebody is getting booted off, sadface. BUT WHO? My first thought was that perhaps the "True Blood" vamps, Eric and Vampire Beel, should go because when was the last time we enjoyed them? (2013?), and then I wondered if maybe it should be Magic Mike because that's not a TV show (it should be). Further introspection leads me to believe my precious Horatio Hornblower should be the one to go because he is not an integral figure in K's and my friendship. I'll let you know what I ultimately decide, but feel free to weigh in!

I had a ton of fun last weekend doing birthday things. We hit up a sports park, where I almost froze while Krysi spanked us all in mini golf (I had no idea she was that good, no wonder that's what she wanted to do, LOL). Based on last Saturday afternoon, I think sports parks must be where parents' souls go to die; I wouldn't mind going back when it's warmer for go-kart racing. Or maybe we can find a place with a better track. One of our friends has never been go-kart racing, which is so weird, because did she have a childhood? How does that happen?

I knew nothing about our dinner venue, but it was AH-MAH-ZING. Not only did it boast a lengthy selection of $6 house cocktails on their regular menu, but also some great wintry-themed drinks for the same price. I went in on the honey bourbon and loved it. Then for dinner, I got this buttermilk fried chicken breast that is haunting my dreams because it was perfectly cooked -- not too fluffy, not too breaded, and the chicken was so tender ... ughhhhhhhh, I want it now. Anyway, if you decide to venture south of Richmond and into Petersburg but you don't want Croaker's Spot, go to Longstreet's Deli. There were at least four other items on the menu that tempted me, so you know I'll be back!

(the coffee cup = my team)
(and yes, I scored us a point for answering a question about Hard Candy!)

We went back to K's house for cake and '90s Trivial Pursuit, which is always fun, only this game was tough because (1) it's so specific to the decade and therefore certain questions are EXTREMELY esoteric, and (2) literally every other card we pulled was from 1997. It was a close game, and our team up was what I call "Ovaries vs. Brovaries" -- we barely won the game but everyone was just glad it wasn't a several hour long affair. I love board games, but I suck at remembering rules and I rarely get to play because I'm usually not around enough people at one time to get a good game going. So as lame as it might sound, this was really fun for me. I hope we can play Cards Against Humanity at our next get-together!

Good polish, good friends, good fun, good weekend. Can't ask for more! What do you gals think of this NOPI? What color springs to mind when you see or hear "mauve"? Should I attempt a NOPI week? Most importantly, which fictional boyfriend would you boot off my bracelet?

Thanks for reading! I'll be back next week with a post-Valentine's pastel. Hope you guys have a good weekend -- Valentine or no Valentine, be good to yourself. I can't wait to watch "Deadpool" with B, faceplant into some Ukrop's bakery cupcakes, and snuggle with SMA because we're in love. Is it Saturday yet?

P.S. Anyone else watching "Legends of Tomorrow" on the CW? We watched the first half of the pilot last weekend, and B's reaction when it ended was a straight-up "NOPE." I watched the next two episodes by myself because I don't love myself I want Victor Garber back on my TV every week, kicking ass and taking names ... but this was not exactly what I had in mind. And despite how entertaining it is when my bae Wentworth Miller delivers his lines like a cartoon voice actor, at the same time it's SO cringey to watch in live action. Oh, and #justice4brandonrouthscareer. Dude deserves better. Aaaaaaalso, I know you can't compare apples and oranges, BUT: I was so excited for "S.H.I.E.L.D." when it started, only it took too long to get good, so I dumped it -- at least "Legends of Tomorrow" gets right to business. And it'll have a short first season (12 episodes, I think?), of which I'm all in favor because there'll be less reason for filler episodes and arcs to exist. I'm a DC girl at heart, and I've never understood why DC's live action projects aren't half as good as their animated ones. Granted, I do own nine out of ten seasons of "Smallville" on DVD, so maybe I shouldn't be talking. Oy. I can't believe I spent this long justifying the fact that I'm still watching this! *facepalm*


  1. I remember when you posted the pic of the ornaments. I commented what a rad idea it was, and that I hoped you'd convince your friend to do a how to post. Still do! Surprising how much lighting makes a difference. It looks straight up pink in the ornament photo, much more orchid on your nails. I love the TV boyfriend bracelet, that is awesome! Snaps for Krysi! I'm not sure who you shoul eliminate, though maybe you could turn whoever is removed into a pin, or a ring to wear with? Haha! That would be pretty sweet. Definitely let us know what you decide!

    1. Oh and yes, I for sure need Victor Garber aka Jack Bristow back on my TV!

    2. Hi Leissa, she said she found some online via Google? Pinterest? Anyway, there was a popular one on the blog The Nail Network:

      Dude, as soon as I get that bracelet settled, it will not be coming off my wrist for a long time. I will wear it EVERYWHERE.

      And yeahhhhh, I think it might be time for an "Alias" Season 2 cleaning marathon.

  2. I burst out laughing at the mauve = golden girls comment. So right. I remember that my room was painted at true mauve in 1989-1990 timeframe, with frilly curtains to match. NOPI Get my mauve on is....definitely not mauve.

    1. Oh man, my cousin's 1996 wedding colors were cream and mauve! I love this NOPI mauve (more orchid as Leissa pointed out above ^^) and I hope late '80s mauve never comes back en vogue.


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