Tuesday, February 9, 2016

OPI Purple Palazzo Pants

Welcome to Part II of my 2016 Pastel Obsession! Maybe I'm willing spring into existence, I dunno. The week of Winter Storm Jonas, I removed Pahlish Short and Sweet, and texted Madeline with some options for my next manicure. I think she picked out this purple because she'd just ordered it in a major clearance haul from Sally's, so she might have been excited about it. I don't blame her. It's damn good. I hope it looks as good on her as it did on me, because it's a little tricky to wear. I'm just yellow enough to pull it off!

You've probably seen this polish a few thousand times since it came out last fall, but here it is on me, to the best of my ancient camera phone's ability.

Three coats with SV.

So, crazy story (not), I debated adding ChG White Cap for a day or two until I gave in to the power of Purple Palazzo Pants. I might do that the next time I put this on, but I'm glad I let this color shine on its own. I can see how people would look at it as pink, but it definitely reads like a weird cool lavender to me -- a duskier, cooler version of OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender, shall we say. I skipped OPI LLL for zombie reasons, so I'm very happy to own a more wearable shade! (I think Nailtastic's photos of OPI PPP are my favorite, and the most accurate. Check 'em out here.)

PPP's formula was heavenly, and it really just applied itself, which was wonderfully unexpected for a pastel, IMO. It looks good and is mostly opaque at one coat, but it's best at two. So you can stop there. I should've, but photos are weird and I'm a habitual three-coater. I wore this for SIX DAYS, and it held up beautifully until I had to scrub some stubborn baked chili off the bottom of a pot (d'oh!), which is when huge chunks of it finally chipped off. Who knows how long I could have gone on wearing this? I enjoyed it. Highly recommend.

PPP was from last fall's OPI Venice collection and you should have no problems finding it online, at Ulta, etc.; I got this one back in August when I was visiting L.A. and Ashley and I did a little shoppin'. (Okay, I did significantly more shoppin'.) This might be an unpopular opinion, but ... I actually liked OPI Venice. A LOT. Was it a little weird for fall? Maybe, but I liked it infinitely more than OPI Nordic (Fall 2014) and even OPI Hawaii (Spring 2015). The overall color palette just speaks to me. I have three other Venice polishes, but I wouldn't mind having more. >___<

Also, I just wanted an excuse to post this.

"Last Crusade" was the first "Indiana Jones" movie I ever watched, funnily enough. It's also the only one of those movies that my parents owned on VHS, so it's the one I know the best. When I go to Venice someday, you better believe I'm using "Ah, Venice!" as my photo album title. Will I be rocking palazzo pants? Proooooobably not, but this polish, sure!

In conclusion: Absolutely get this polish if you like pastels, purples, Venice, or peak Harrison Ford. I'll be back this week with another pastel because I have a problem. Also, don't forget to get your good eats on because Mardi Gras, and all that. ;) Thanks for reading!


  1. Mmmm pink-toned lavenders are SO my jam! I haven't really been feeling purple in like...months, but I'm always down for a pinky lavenders, and this looks amazing on you!

    1. Thanks, Ashley! This sort of shade normally isn't my jam, but you know I couldn't resist picking it up. ;) It struck me just now that this polish is like a mix of OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender and OPI Steady as She Rose, or something along those lines. SO GOOD.


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