Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Revlon ColorStay Buttercup (and a gel rant)

To loosely quote Scott Pilgrim, there are reasons for people to hang out with me ... including the fact that I am really good at finding the perfect greeting card. (It's true; ask anyone who's received one from me!) Two weeks ago, I was killing time at Target looking at Valentine cards for B. This is always a minor ordeal because LOL, what are feelings? I had already dropped into Hallmark and Walgreen's earlier in the week and had come up dry; the only card I saw at Target that made me chuckle was the one I gave him last year and obviously that was not an option this time.

I had to paw through the "from the cat/dog" section to finally find The One. (Heh. "Paw through.") I'll show you the card in a minute, but it got me to thinking about Valentine candy hearts, which in turn made me go, HEY. I hadn't blogged a pastel yellow yet.

Four coats with SV. My cleanup brush is on its way out -- any recommendations?

I had a hell of a time getting pictures of this Revlon! It's much warmer-toned than the traditional pastel yellow polish -- awesome for variety's sake, and not so awesome when every other photo comes out looking like Illamasqua Load. Since my preference is for the more traditional lemon pastel yellow, I don't see myself reaching for Buttercup again, as pretty as it is. It doesn't give me lobster hands or anything, but the warmer tones in this yellow don't quite agree with me. For less than $2, it was worth a try!

I remember this polish making the rounds on a few blogs a few years ago. As we all know, a good pastel yellow is hard to find, so a lot of people were really excited about Buttercup. I totally get it: good for a yellow, annoying for any other color. See, normally I would not be pleased with a pastel creme that was streaky after 2 thin coats and still needed a thicker coat (or two) for cover-up, but for a yellow, that's a pretty good deal, especially since Buttercup wasn't chalky at all. (I find that chalky pastels make for lots of chips and awful cracks.) I had to use a fourth thin coat because I didn't think it looked good enough under the OttLite although it might have been OK for all I know. I only wore this for a day and it stayed on all right. Got a little bit of tip wear, but I have definitely had worse.

The only reason I bought this polish was because it was on clearance at Ulta a while back (probably mid-2014?). I had a coupon and thought, "What the heck." The original Revlon ColorStay line got discontinued back in 2014 to make room for its successor, the ColorStay Gel Envy line. That's so weird to think about, because I feel like the OG ColorStay line JUST came out! --Sidebar, I'm so over this "gel" polish trend. I don't buy into it and based on what my gel-wearing blogger/NB friends have told me, there isn't that much of a difference between "gel" lines and regular polish! It also irks me so much because whenever a new gel color or line is released, a lot of fantastic regular polishes in the core display/line-up get taken away. I am not into that. (I actually just had to buy some Chanels before they disappeared forever, now that Chanel has converted to a more "gel" formula.) Anyway, I don't purchase Revlon often, so I believe I have about 3 original ColorStay polishes left to try and maybe four of the ColorStay Gels??? I'll have to look. I'm sure they will get worn (if not blogged) as soon as I get over pastels ...

... which may not be for a while. We'll see how long it takes or what polish might snap me out of it! Are you over my pastel fixation? Do you have a favorite pastel yellow? (Another sidebar: KellieGonzo posted the new ChG spring collection last week, and there is a pastel yellow that looks more my speed than this Revlon. Must see in person!) And HOW GREAT is this Valentine card? ;)

The perfect card for the cat lady in your life. Mine enjoyed this. :) 
Thanks for comin' through, Target!

But I'd most like to hear your thoughts on the gel polish trend. Do you think it will go away anytime soon, or should we get used to core displays basically being half "gel" and half regular polishes from now on? No one I know IRL has any feelings about this one way or the other, so I figured it would be best to ask, you know, other people who really love polish.

I will end this Buttercup post with the best Buttercup:

I really wanted to title this post "As You Wish," but, yeah. Watching this tonight. This week. SOON.


  1. That is a totally awesome card, Rach, you do have a knack!

    I rather like this yellow on you, but then you have a way of making every polish look wonderful so how's a body to know for real? On the other hand, I can totally see you rocking the pale yellow from China Glaze House of Colour, despite the long goofy name. Girls Just Wanna Have Sun. Sheesh.

    About clean up brushes, I understand that UberChic sells a great one. It's a little spendy for a clean up brush, $8.99 plus shipping, but it looks like it will last forever. If you do ebay, you can easily find a set of seven potential clean up brushes in various sizes if you do a search for "acrylic nail art brush." There are a ton of these sets, some come from China but there's a seller in California -- chsna_estore -- who has them for around $5 with free shipping. The brushes are outstanding for clean up, don't lose bristles in acetone, keep their shape, last forever, etc.

    I totally agree with you about the "gel" polish thing. Seems like it's mostly been a great reason for brands/manufacturers to put out a new, higher-priced line of polish. Looking at you, BUTTER LONDON. I mean, if it was really a significant improvement in the way nail polish applies/looks/lasts, indie polish makers would be all over it. The fact that they've got better things to do than create a "gel" polish line tells me everything I need to know.

    1. Hahaha, thanks Liz! I have never heard about the UberChic brush, so I looked it up online. Must be good if it's not back in stock until 3/20! I've been using an EcoTools angled eyeliner brush (old MUA nb favorite), which I think has been discontinued for at least a couple of years now; I snagged as many as I could on clearance, but I'm down to my last 2 now. Loved that brush, even if the acetone would mess with the bristles toward the end.

      Interesting point about indie makers and gels. I'm not well versed in indies (partially because I like boring colors/finishes and I also do not like not being able to buy colors that were LE or whatever), so I'll take your word for it! And given the sizes of our collections, you know I can't commit to wearing a polish for the duration of time that supposedly makes gel lines appealing. ;)

  2. Just found your blog. love that you tell funny stories and write. And write well!

    1. Aw, thanks so much, Chelsea! Hope you come by again :)

  3. this polish is le secks. I need to go hunt it down. It also makes me wish I hadn't been an idiot and sold my like 7 bottles of vintage Maybelline Banana Puddin'. sigh.

    1. OMG, Banana Puddin'. Never got my hands on that one, but WHAT?! You should've kept at least one! (My offer to rehome this polish with you still stands, btw!)


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