Thursday, February 18, 2016

Belated Valentine: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Babe Blue

This is the latest Valentine post I've ever thrown up on this blog. It took way too long for me to put this post together. Sorry! As an apology-slash-belated ode to Valentine's Day, please enjoy one of my current favorite jams.

It was either this or post "Ignition (Remix)," guys. I did you a favor.

I noticed my tendency to reach for bold nail polishes for past Valentine's weekends, but this year, I was committed to keeping my pastel game strong. I settled on the color blue (B's favorite color, typical male) and chose this one for the name, because if there's anything I love, it's a tangentially appropriate name. And it's been a minute since I wore an Xtreme Wear, let alone a blue like this one.

So, Babe Blue. Here's three coats with SV. (1) I'm blaming the cold weather for the dryness on the sides of my nails, and (2) I like to keep things consistent picture-wise by posting the same set of 6 pics, but the weather has been ridiculous, hence this weird ... mélange. Oh, well. It is what it is.

I had to futz with this photo to darken it and also holy contrast settings, Batman

this one, too

[Sidenote, I'm wondering if the name of this polish is supposed to be a reference to Paul Bunyan's blue ox, Babe. I hope so, because how freakin' cute would that be?]

I hear it's a dupe for Essie Bikini So Teeny, but I can't comment on that since my bottle of BST is ... somewhere. I also keep seeing SH XW Babe Blue described as "periwinkle," which, NO, because damn it, it's cornflower. It's actually closer to sky blue than periwinkle tbh; there aren't any lilac tones to be found here. This polish has soft silvery shimmer particles, small enough to keep Babe Blue from being a glass fleck; when the polish dries, the shimmer is pretty much imperceptible unless you're under a direct beam of light.

Every pastel shimmer is different, so you never really know what kind of formula you're dealing with. I thought this went on more nicely than older pastel shimmers, but it still was a little fluffy, and I did have to wait in between coats for a minute or two to avoid cuticle drag (easy when you have a good Candy Crush game going). Which brings me to this: Some people say Babe Blue is opaque in two coats. I disagree. Even with two careful coats, it still looked patchy, so I went for a third coat after a couple of minutes, and it looked much better. On the flip side, other reviewers have cited self-leveling issues (not surprising with a fluffy pastel formula), but I didn't experience any of that because I applied my polish slowly and carefully. Just something you might want to be aware of. Dry time with SV was really fast albeit a little tacky after 10 minutes; Babe Blue is SO not a polish you want to apply before going to bed. I had sheet marks on my right thumb and index finger, bleh. I put this on Friday night and it held on all right until Tuesday night. No chips, average tip wear; on Monday morning, I noticed the beginnings of a sizeable crack on my left middle finger.

I don't remember when I bought this polish, only that it was sometime last year. Google leads me to believe it was released in the spring, so we'll go with that. You can find Babe Blue in the core SH XW display and if you must get it, get it with a SH promo or (ugh) go to Walmart because it is SO much cheaper there. Again, I can't compare this to Essie Bikini So Teeny right now, but if the formula on BST is the same as Babe Blue's, I would have to tell you to go with Babe Blue or to just buy a cornflower creme. (I hear SH Insta-Dri Set Sail has a great formula! Let me go look for my bottle.)

Like I said, it's been a long time since I wore a nice pastel cornflower blue, so I really enjoyed this color. It was a pretty good choice for a pretty good Valentine's Day weekend. Every fact-finding conversation I had with B did not indicate definite dinner plans, but I wanted dinner plans so I went ahead and made a last-minute reservation at a speakeasy downtown.

I think this place opened last year, and a bunch of my friends and my sister had said good things about it, so I'd been curious for a while. It was ... okay? Like, the food was really, really good. I thought the cocktail prices were a bit ridiculous, so I only had one Moscow mule ($11 seems a little much, IMO). The place was popping, but I told B I would have enjoyed it more if (A) we hadn't been seated so close to the door because it was like 18 degrees and we got a blast of cold air every time the door opened, (B) we'd been with a bigger group of people, and (C) the restaurant had fully committed to the speakeasy concept. He laughed at me for that one, but look, I want flappers, bathtubs of gin, and a jazz piano player with a mustache and a side part -- I want the whole enchilada! I sound like I'm complaining, but really, it's a cute place and it was incredibly fun to go somewhere totally different and new. Also, last night was too cold for me to bother trying to look cute, so I have no idea how you ladies in colder climes do it.

Post-dinner #breadandmilk Kroger trip. This Kroger knows how to sell bananas, obvs

The cutest Valentine wanted some of that Ukrop's buttercream action

On Sunday night, we went to watch "Deadpool," which we loved because we are nerds. I. FUCKING. LOVED. IT. I am already fantasizing about the DVD/Blu-ray (specifically, the special features), which is how I know I'm really feeling a movie. Guys, this was THE BEST STAN LEE CAMEO EVER. And who knew the original Daario from "Game of Thrones" could be such an asshole? Not me! Anyway, everything Rotten Tomatoes, various Internet thinkpieces, and your nerdy Facebook friends say is true: "Deadpool" is NOT kid-friendly. Maybe it's because I loved the Cable & Deadpool comics and so I more or less knew what to expect, but honestly, there's no excuse these days because all it takes is a five-second Google search on this movie. Most people I know who watched it last weekend say they saw kids at their showings, as did I. :/ I also understand how some people would find the movie too meta and annoying, but when all is said and done, I think the folks behind this version of Deadpool redeemed the version we got in the clusterfuck that was the 2009 "Wolverine" origins movie (which I saw twice ... GDI, Taylor Kitsch).

I hope you guys had a nice Valentine-y weekend, whatever (and maybe whoever?) you ended up doing. I camped out at Chez SMA for snow reasons, which is always fun even though snow means B had to be at work super early. But we got to catch up on this season of "Agent Carter," and I finished a library book (and started a new one). I know this is what I do at home anyway, only for some reason I enjoy it so much more when I have company. #needypersonextrovertproblems, for sure. SMA even kept me company and napped on me while I was attempting to write this post, which was too adorable for words.

The best, cutest Valentine.
He was purring so hard. *heart eyes emoji*

If the weather forecast models are right, then I'm supposed to get more snow early next week, which means IDK when exactly I'll post before the end of February. Until then, you should tell me if you wore any fun polish last weekend, if you did anything fun for Galentine's/Valentine's, or if you watched "Deadpool." (If you did, how many kids were at your showing? I counted five before the lights went down, though there may have been more.) --Oh, and if you have any pastel nail suggestions, definitely leave a comment. I have a couple more lined up, but I like options!


  1. I was waiting for your review of "Deadpool" before I committed to seeing it!

    1. Uh, this totally WILL be a future movie night event!

  2. I had this but I returned it because I already had Sinful Hip to be Square (Huey Lewis!) which is similar enough in color for me, and I didn't like that the thparklies didn't really show up. I heard Bikini So Teeny suffered from the same prob. I figured I could just slap on a coat of Essie Pure Pearlfection on top of the Sinful & my thparkly issue is solved! Haven't seen Deadpool yet, but like you, my 20 yr old brother loved it and told me I should see it. So I probably will, but maybe wait for it to hit the discount theater, so I can see it for $3!

    1. HAHAHA I have that Sinful, too (pretty sure I blogged it 2 years ago?). Love it! It's darker than this one and is more of a creme, I think.

      Your brother knows what's up, "Deadpool" was great! I can't wait for the DVD/Blu-ray.

  3. I just de-stashed my Babe Blue -- why do I do things like that? I never swatched it next itsy bitsy bikini but in the bottle they are perfect twins. My cats generally only find the time to snuggle with when I'm on the computer home.

    1. I used to be decent about destashing, but I've dropped the ball on it so hard these last 3 years. I rebuy the same color over and over, so apparently I know what I like, ha!


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