Friday, March 25, 2016

Cult Nails Evolution

Cult Nails, RIP. Sometimes I think they were gone too soon; sometimes, I think they liquidated and cut out at the right time (by "right time," I mean "the right time for them"). Even so, that doesn't stop me from wishing I had a couple hundred more bottles of Wicked Fast stashed away because nothing works half as well on my Zoyas as that top coat did!

Anyway, I feel like a dick for posting something that you can't even buy any more, but what's a pastel rainbow without a peach? I considered Essie Peach Side Babe but I just blogged an Essie, and then I couldn't find my bottle of China Glaze Pack Lightly, so I thought I'd put up a quick swatch of Cult Nails Evolution instead.

Three coats with SV.

When Cult Nails was around, I would drool over other bloggers' pictures and fill up a cart so fast, that I never remembered much about the actual polish reviews. I was too dumb to Google again, and was shocked when Evolution ended up being not a creme, but a buildable sheer peach, too sheer for me to call it a jelly-creme. Whuh? At three coats, it's really soft and pretty, not quite as stark as Google would have you believe. If peach polish tends to blend in with your skin tone, I don't think this is a good one to have, especially when you factor in the sheerness of this one.

About those three coats, though. You can use one if you want a natural, sheer look. (I didn't.) And as you can see in my photos, it's still streaky at three coats, even with the customary wait to avoid dragging. I'm thinking I should have gone for a fourth, but I wonder if that would affect the squishy look of this polish.  Dry time with SV was fast, as always. This is only a quick & dirty swatch, so I can't comment on wear ... yet.

I can't believe Evolution is a two-year-old polish, part of an LE pastel trio for Spring 2014, called It's a New Day. I'd purchased the other two polishes in this trio, Falling Hard and New Day, that summer, but I didn't grab Evolution until well into the fall. Now that Cult Nails is no longer, I'm hesitant to purge this polish from my stash since I can't buy it again if I change my mind, so I'll most likely revisit Evolution as a full NOTD when I'm in the mood for a peachy sheer. Guess it helps to know what a polish actually is before you wear it. Derp moment for sure.

I wanna come back with my Easter nails and a Sinful King Kylie polish, but we'll see how this weekend goes. Hope you guys have a good Easter, and a good spring break if that applies! --OMG, so spreaking of spring break: last night, I was in line at a convenience store grabbing ginger ales and Bugles when I realized I was standing between two groups of college kids buying beer. I was dressed as crappily as they were, but I felt ancient, to say the least. I just wanted to shake them by their dumb shoulders and tell them to enjoy everything and make the most of college, because that's time you don't get back. It was all very existential and weird. I should've grabbed a 40 while I was at it.

So that I don't end this post on a totally weird note ... anyone going to see the "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" sequel this weekend? I have a feeling I'm going to end up going with my aunt. And I've kept seeing Windex promoting this movie on their coupon sheets -- I think it's kind of cute that Windex is still trying to work it. The best product placement! :) Anyone else have a nail polish derp moment lately? What about any favorite polishes from Cult Nails, or hell, any other brands that are gone forever? Any favorite peaches? IMO, Orly Prelude to a Kiss still is the one to beat.

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