Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Deborah Lippmann Shoshanna

Happy March! I wanted to make good re: what I said last month about dropping in, so here's the pastel I've worn for the last week because I haven't gotten a chance to do my nails. And if you're all, "GIRL. Oy with the pastels already!" then you might be relieved to know that I'll ride out this obsession through Easter. NGL, I'm sorta curious to find out what I'm going to latch on to next.

Until then, have a springtime pastel on me! I'm not 100% happy with these pics, but (A) there comes a point when you get sick of looking at the same color and (B) this color has been a BFD since Spring 2013, so you know what it looks like by now. Deborah Lippmann's version was Shoshanna, OPI's was You're Such a Budapest (Euro Centrale collex), and Sinful Colors had Candy Coated (LE Sugar Rush collex). I own all three, but I do appreciate it when colors are available at various price points, don't you?

Here's DL Shoshanna, at three coats plus SV.

And here's another set of pics that I felt weren't quite right but damn, they were pretty.

Shosh's official DL description is "virtuous vivid violet," which fits. At first I was not here for people immediately categorizing it as periwinkle, but I'll allow it since there's quite a bit of blue in there. The tiny silver shimmer particles in this polish, while larger than the usual secret shimmer particles, unfortunately don't translate to the nail. I'd say the shimmer factor faded within the day; this looks like a creme, for the most part.

This polish is a little more deceiving than I thought it'd be -- I had OPI You're Such a Budapest out a little while ago, and I thought this Lippmann would be just like it. Nope, Shosh actually is darker than Budapest (especially when you add top coat), but without having my OPI in front of me, I can't tell you which one is worth hanging on to if you really want to purge. What I CAN tell you is that while I was surprised to see how dark Shosh looked on me, I really liked the formula. As with most pastels, I anticipated a streaky, fluffy mess fest, but also was surprised to discover that application was nothing like that at all. It's a bit sheer on the first coat, evens out a little with the second, and looks opaque at three. Under my OttLite, it looked a little patchy, but not enough to bother me once I added SV. I wore this for a week with average tip wear, a few cracks on the sides of my nails, and one hugeass chip on my chippy finger on Day 3 (I lost a battle with a zipper, sigh).

Shosh was part of a four-piece Lippmann set also released in 2013, inspired by the HBO show "Girls"; each polish in the set is named after one of the four main characters. (I don't remember exactly where I read it, but apparently "Girls" star and creator Lena Dunham is a Lippmann fan.) Supposedly the "Girls" set was LE, but I've seen the polishes pop up on destashes & blog sales from time to time (both in a set and individually) and my friends say they've even seen them sold individually at TJ Maxx, etc. If you're into Lippmanns (YUP) and/or "Girls" (NOPE), I think it's a pretty cool set -- provided you don't pay full retail. I bought mine from Janice a while back after she said the Lippmann Girls were "very Rach." Ha.

I guess waiting so long to post Lippmann Shosh ended up being timely, since the Shosh in Japan episode of Season Whatever-This-Is aired this past Sunday. I haven't watched it yet, nor have I watched any episodes from this current season ... I hate watch "Girls" and I haven't had the time or energy to do it lately. At this point, I know the characters are meant to be awful and not relatable, so I have no excuse now, LOL. I live for Elijah, though, and the show's scored some perfect NYC-based guest stars and cameos, which even I can't hate. I'm just dying because someone on ONTD commented that Shosh looks like a full-blown weeaboo in Japan ... and I have a feeling I won't be able not to remember that comment when I finally get to that episode. :/

If you have any thoughts about Shoshanna (the polish or Shoshanna Shapiro), spill 'em. Anyone else hate watch "Girls" -- or any other show(s)? Do you own any dupes for this polish?

Things are pretty cray right now, so I don't know how soon I can post again. I'd like to think I'll be able to share a green for St. Patrick's, at the very least! Just know I'm still loving pastels, and that I hope it's getting warmer where you are. Spring's almost here!


  1. Ugh...I love this polish SO MUCH. I wanted it so very badly but ended up not pulling the trigger on the set, because I felt so lukewarm about the other three. I still really, really want Shoshanna though. So pretty! And springy!

    1. Check your email!

      This set is a slow burn, I think. Shosh and Hannah are hands down winners for me, I was worried about Jessa because #whatiftoobrown but it might be okay, and even if Marnie is lame, there is no such thing as too many clean, work-approp shades (esp. if they're Lippmanns). Seriously, check your email! ;)


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