Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sinful Colors Cheshire China

A few weeks ago, Steff and I were rapidly texting about something or other when the conversation drifted toward new nail polish, which, given the nature of our friendship, tends to happen. She was really enthusiastic about a new Sinful Colors polish from the new LE Porcelain Matte collection. I'd found the new Sinful Live in ColorLand display at Walgreens, but no sign of these mattes; when I went back to that Wags last week, Live in ColorLand had been replaced by the Porcelain Matte and the Play Your Cards Right displays. YASSSSSSSSSSSSS.

Only one teeny-tiny problem: I couldn't remember which polish Steff had mentioned. So I tried scrolling upward through our texts (omg ugh so lazy and omg SO MANY TEXTS) before I gave up and texted her. Then I crouched down in front of the Porcelain Matte display to look at the names of all the polishes, hoping one of those names would jog my memory. None of them did, but Cheshire China, the pastel periwinkle, caught my eye. I mean, (1) see current pastel polish jag and (2) if this had a decent matte formula, I wouldn't need to be so meticulous before adding top coat if I just wanted a regular pastel manicure (which is a lie because I am always meticulous). I grabbed a bottle of Cheshire China for me and one for my friend Jess, then wandered around the store scrolling through texts until I successfully found the name of that daggone polish: Glazy Sunday. Wags had one bottle left, which I bought because damn it, the text scroll struggle is real.

I didn't think I was going to be wearing Cheshire China so soon, but the polish I wanted to use for my Easter nails would not freaking cooperate and I didn't want to waste the precious. By 3 a.m., Cheshire China started looking more and more like a good option. I'm happy to say that my aforementioned theory about decent matte formulas checked out. I will never wear any matte polishes as is when I can add top coat, but I'm glad to know the option not to exists.

Here's three coats of Cheshire China in its intended matte state.

Seriously, the formula on this was AMAZING. If Glazy Sunday is this good, then sign me up for more Porcelain Matte polishes! As with all mattes, you do need to work quickly, but since this is pastel and thick, you also need to work extra carefully so it doesn't end up drying lumpy. And of course, make sure that your base coat situation is good -- it's harder to disguise a botched base coat layer with a matte finish. I thought coverage was just okay at two coats ... I think you could stop there if you really wanted to, but it still looked patchy to me. Three coats FTW!

Once I was done admiring the matte finish and congratulating myself on choosing an unfussy polish, I added a coat of NYC Grand Central Station, since that seems to play well with my Sinfuls.

Yes, good polish choice. The hostess at lunch really seemed to think so, too! Some polish lovers might find the porcelain mattes too streaky or thick or annoying, but I've dealt with much, much worse. (*cough* Zoya Mitzi *cough*) I'm still wearing Cheshire China as of ~press time. No chips so far, just a little bit of tip wear and my NYC GCS looks a little rough. I do wonder how this would have worn without top coat, however. If you've worn this polish as is, I'd love to hear how that went!

If your nearest Porcelain Matte display isn't picked over, you need to get this polish STAT because it's LE! Plus you can't beat the price point. $1.99? Get out of town. I'm way more stoked to try Glazy Sunday, and if I can find Mad Matter this weekend, I'll grab it too (but I would rather grab the green texture, Sweeten the Teal, because that was gone from Wags, sadface).

I don't think this is the end of my pastel obsession for the year, but I'm gonna lay off them for a moment because I'm starting to have a yen for colors that are brighter, deeper, and generally more saturated. Having said this, I guess it's pretty appropriate that I'm posting a periwinkle today because the 2016 Pastel Obsession also begun with a periwinkle. Granted, Pahlish Soft and Sweet was more on the blue side of periwinkle whereas Cheshire China is more purple, but eh. I have room in my heart (and my stash) for both.

I don't know if I'll have time to post again before this week ... it would be a real Hail Mary at this point, since we have company coming and family stuff and I would prefer to file my taxes by the 31st and just be done with them, you know? Anyway, I hope those of you who celebrated Easter last weekend had a good one. Did you wear a fun Easter polish? Did the Easter bunny bring you any polish? (LMAO, I can't believe this is a thing if you're over the age of 12, but according to Instagram, it is.) Anyone else enjoying these Porcelain Mattes as much as Steff and I are? --Damn, I really miss our Shopping My Stash posts. :( I wonder if I should do a solo version. Thoughts?


  1. You should def do a solo Shopping My Stash! It's such a fun idea for a post.

    My mom used to give us kids an Easter basket all the way up through my senior year of college - like, a full basket with that fake grass, Peeps, and chocolates, plus one little present like a DVD or something. Not gonna lie, I really miss it, ha.

    1. I really miss Shopping My Stash but girl, I dunno ... maybe you and I should start a joint series of our own. Just please do not make me do nail art!

      Okay, damn it, your mom's Easter baskets sound really sweet. Kind of like how one of my college friends got a present for every day of Hanukkah and I was like, "DUDE ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?"

  2. This is so, so pretty...I'm such a sucker for pastel purple polishes (as well as alliteration, apparently). I actually like this both matte and with topcoat, which is unusual for me, since I tend to unequivocally be on Team Shiny Polish.

    1. Haha, well, you have one bottle (and a bunch of purples to aid in your purple enthusiasm) coming to you! I'm not a huge matte person since I think most mattes look better with top coat, but these and the new Kylie mattes truly are gorgeous.


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