Monday, March 21, 2016

Urban Outfitters Left Bank (LEFT SHARK)

Happy spring! As promised, I'm sharing a fab green for St. Patrick's -- juuuust a few days late, but that's how it is right now.

I really hoped I'd love this polish, because what I went through to get it last summer was not pretty. My sister and I had a nearly four-hour Amtrak layover in New York City, and she wanted to hit up Koreatown real bad. I was sleepy, hot, and hangry, and the absolute last thing I wanted to do was sweat my way through Midtown because summer in NYC is extra disgusting when it's a gross day and you're as out of shape as I am. But since taking a nap in Penn Station was out of the question, we left our bags with Amtrak's parcel check? customer service?, and I stumbled behind my sister in 3.5-inch platform wedges because I made a poor footwear choice that day and I really, really do not love myself.

We made a pit stop at the giant Urban Outfitters store in Herald Square, which I'd been super excited about because (1) AIR CONDITIONING and (2) I wanted to see its epic beauty department for myself. I'm all about the polish, of course, but I really enjoyed perusing the skin care products, too! Anyway, I didn't want to leave without taking advantage of Urban's 2 nail polishes for $8 deal (I'm 90% sure it's 2 for $8?), but the indecision was real. So I let my sister pick. We looked at the name of this polish and although one semi-unrelated song immediately ran through my head, I blurted out, "OMG LEFT SHARK!" We cracked up all the way to the register.

TL;DR: My sister picked this mint polish, which shall be referred to as Left Shark from this point forward.

Three coats with SV, but this is good at two! Also, I promise it is not even as lobster handsy IRL as it is in my first picture, which I had to color correct because it truly looked like ass. Just FYI. The rest of these photos are completely legit:

As you can see, if you're looking for a mint green with a prominent shimmer, you'd better keep shopping because Left Shark ain't it. This didn't bother me at all, because after so many disappointments with secret shimmers, I just accept it as the norm (I shouldn't, but it is what it is). OTOH, I think Left Shark has a warmer, more flattering cast on me than it would if it didn't have its golden shimmer -- I got plenty of room in my heart for all varieties of mint green, but it really helps when they're flattering (that is, not overly blue).

I'm also willing to bet the shimmer is why the formula on this is so great! It leans thick and is easy to work with -- without the shimmer, I think it would be super chalky, so I'm glad it's easy to apply even if the shimmer is invisible on the nail. It does dry sort of ... demi-matte? semi-matte?Whatever the correct verbiage is these days, you're gonna need top coat. Give yourself a couple of minutes between coats, and if you're careful, it'll be opaque and top coat-ready in two!

See more on Know Your Meme

So far, so good. I'm loving the price, I'm loving the color, and I'm loving the formula, which meant there was only one major criterion left: wear time. I applied this on Wednesday night and kept it on until last night because I couldn't stand how long my nails were getting. In those four days, I had extremely minimal tip wear and only two tiny corner chips from where my SV didn't get close enough to the sides of those two nails. I did lots of glove-less dishwashing on Friday night, so this is no small thing! Like, what kind of witchcraft???? Again, I have to say that I'm really, really glad Left Shark didn't have a chalky formula, or it would have chipped right the fuck away. 

The UO website is kind of lame, and neither Left Shark nor the second polish I purchased that day are listed there. I haven't been to the Richmond store in forever because the mall that houses UO is a retail traffic nightmare -- and what I mean by this is that I don't know what the nail polish selection is like at locations that aren't as huge as Herald Square store (I'd consider the Tysons Corner location up in NoVA a little more on par with Herald Square). But it's worth checking out, because every time I wear a UO polish, I end up loving it; UO might not be duping Lippmann as much as it used to, but their other polishes are pretty good. The 2 for $8 deal or whatever it is doesn't hurt either (every brand of nail polish seems to have undergone price inflation since I started collecting -- wish I hadn't shredded my receipt!). IMO, $4 is a perfectly reasonable price for a house brand.

Having said all this, it should be no surprise that Left Shark Left Bank is my new favorite mint polish, and definitely worth the sweaty hike in impractical shoes! (NGL though, I was ready to hurl my sister's MacBook Air out of my tote bag when she realized we'd walked a block or two in the wrong direction.) If you love mint green polishes and are able to find this one, YOU MUST BUY IT. (And if you hate it, send it over to me because I will take good care of it.)

Oh, and here is the song that I almost started singing when I turned this bottle of polish over to read its label. Such an oldie but goodie! This album and the subsequent one were in constant play for me when I started college (WUT). I don't know too much about what came after "Picaresque," and I'm not as into The Decemberists as I was then, but I'd still love to see them live.

Do you have a favorite mint green polish? Did you wear anything fun to celebrate St. Patrick's Day or the official start of spring? We're having a cold snap after two great weeks of warm, sunny weather, but I think I'll live if someone can please get me an inhaler!

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