Monday, April 18, 2016

#SCKJSatin Trend Matters (1/?): Sinful Colors Kold Kash

Sometimes you post two drugstore polishes in a row, then a high-end one, then the drugstore brand again ... I believe it's called balance. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Since I can't be the only one who's got money on my mind today, here's Sinful Colors Kold Kash, one of the new Kylie Jenner Trend Matters polishes that is exclusive to Target. Here's Kold Kash solo at three coats for photo purposes. Looks like a regular satin/matte/whateverthefuck, right? Well, hold on. It gets better.

After riding out my Sinful Cheshire China Porcelain Matte high, I knew I had to give Kold Kash a try, and darn if I wasn't right. The formula on this puppy is just as awesome (if not slightly better) than Cheshire China's! As long as you've buffed your nails or applied a ridge filler or whatever you need to do base coat-wise, you will get fantastic coverage on the first coat. Kold Kash is opaque at two coats, which is how I wore it last weekend.

And of course, I added top coat to make that predominantly greeny-gold shimmer pop, like so:

DAMN IT, KYLIE, WHY YOU DO THIS??! Kold Kash reminds me so, so much of a lighter, less saturated, and mattified version of ChG Custom Kicks, from its teal base to its predominantly gold shimmer. FYI, this shimmer doesn't die on the nail after a day or two, but it's visible under VERY strong sunlight or artificial ones. This aqua teal perfectly straddles the line between blue and green, IMO, and part of the reason I love this color is because it looks great on everybody.

I couldn't get photos, but if you have Kold Kash, then you know its shimmer also has a tiny reddish, coppery shift in the bottle, mostly around the bottom edge and sides. At certain angles, you'll be able to see that shift on the nail; FWIW, I only saw this inside under artificial light.

The top coat I used in these photos is NYC GCS, but I'm actually wearing this with a different top coat that I'm trying out (deets later), so we'll see how it goes. Dry time was pretty fast, and because I applied top coat 10 minutes before passing out in bed, I don't know if this doesn't dry as shiny as SV, but the sheet mark situation wasn't too terrible. I wore this for four days with minimal tip wear and two small chips from trying to open things because I am bad about following the old #jewelsnottools adage floating around on nail board. Oh, and Kold Kash is a stainer because hello, TEAL, so just do yourself a solid and double up on base coat (and buy Orly Cutique already).

I found this Kylie display at an endcap in Target's personal care section (LOL WUT) at the very end of March. There are new Kylie satin matte displays at both Target and Walgreens; these displays have a few colors exclusive to each store and some that are available at both (I remember Kool as a Kukumber and Butter Kup at both Target and Wags). Just like the King Kylie SinfulShine polishes, these satin mattes are $2.99 each, the actual definition of the "money flying away" emoji.

Who else is caving (kaving?) into these Sinful Kylie satin matte polishes? I am loving all the visible shimmers (once you add top coat, obvs)! And in all honesty, I would be heavily interested in these Sinfuls without Kylie's name attached to them because these polishes are MONEY. I picked up two other Target colors, three at Wags, and I still have my buttload of SinfulShines to go through, so we'll see what I end up posting. All the articles I Googled informed me that Kylie is releasing 3 collections with Sinful, but I don't know if there's one more coming in May or if these most recent Target and Walgreens releases are two separate collections. Either way, I'll probably be sacrificing my "kold kash" (i.e., my toll money) for more because they are so awesome. Tell me I'm not alone in this!


  1. Sorry I haven't commented in a while, life, etc...but I have been following along and loving all the pastels (reminds me of the Devil Wears Prada!). I even went out looking for something similar to Buttercup because I don't have anything like it & it was awesome. Now, on to these Kylie polishes, I did happen upon them in Walmart, and even though a couple caught my eye, I just couldn't, you know? I love me some Sinful, but that family, ugh. I just can't give them my money if I can help it. However, you have me rethinking that whole moral superiority thing because damn! This polish is bomb!

    1. Hey Leissa! It's all good. Thanks for the comment! If you're still looking for Buttercup, you're welcome to have mine. And WRT to Sinful & "moral superiority" ... when it comes to nail polish, I don't know what that phrase means!

  2. This is so pretty I'll forgive your Kardashian-esque disregard for proper spelling. :-D

    1. This could be in your next box. Maybe. Possibly. Konceivably. ;D


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