Friday, April 29, 2016

#SCKJVelvet Trend Matters (1/?): Sinful Colors Mauve On

Can we take a collective moment to appreciate the name of this polish? 🙌 I know Kylie's family has to spell things a certain way because $$$ (which I am giving, freely -- I will 100% acknowledge that #iamtheproblem) and I know this particular name doesn't lend itself to an unnecessary K, but even so, perhaps this is something she can look into in her year of realizing things.

Anyway, there's a new Sinful Kylie collection starting to pop up at Walgreens called "Denim & Bling." According to Instagram, there are glitters, shimmers, and possibly even texture (?!). I haven't come across this display yet because I am trying to behave -- I'm still in love with the Wags-exclusive Trend Matters velvet mattes that came out earlier this month. How much in love, you wonder? Oh, "feeling the velvet mattes SO much more than Target's satin mattes, which may or may not be reflected in the amount I ended up buying" in love. >___<

You know what else I'm still in love with? Mauve. Sans top coat, I don't think this one is my best look, but damn it, it's too gorgeous. Grandma chic plus. So here's Mauve On, one of the Wags exclusives, which I passed up three times before breaking down and getting it. (Steff -- and all of you who loved Sinful Glazy Sunday! -- I think you'll love this one.)

Full disclosure, I had to soften some of these pics around a couple of cuticles ... I'm trying a new cuticle oil and no matter how long I wait after I apply it, those areas still look sharp AF when I take photos. I don't know if it's all that noticeable to you, but it was bugging me.

As I said, not exactly my best look. As pastels go, Mauve On is on the dustier side. Plus since it's more of a pinky/lavender-based mauve, it blends into my skin tone a little without top coat. But it's so pretty! AND THE SHIMMER. YES, GAWD.

I actually had a hard time applying this polish, but it wasn't because of the formula. Nope, it was my brush! It seemed kind of ... skinnier than usual, and upon closer inspection, it looks like it's missing half the amount of bristles that give Sinful brushes their usual girth. Anyway, this really pissed me off because I messed up and had to remove and reapply this polish, which was not a great idea when you also have the caffeine jitters. (#blamemercury) If you have a normal brush, though, then you won't have any problems. Of course, make sure you clean your nails off really well and lay down a good base coat because any ridges, bumps, stray cat hair, or whatever will show up.

Okay, now here's Mauve On with GCS on top:

Curse you, Kylie Kristen.

I don't know if it's a top coat darkening quirk or the top coat's ability to reflect the deeper mauve tones, but I think this becomes a more wearable, blueberry yogurt-type color for me with top coat. Again, THAT SHIMMER. Slay! Just a note, I believe Mauve On is just a little darker than Glazy Sunday (the aforementioned Porcelain Matte); Mauve On also contains golden shimmer while Glazy Sunday's shimmer is more of a scattered pink microglitter (I have not tried the latter yet, maybe soon while I'm on the mauve train). I think Mauve On's shimmer was more visible than Kold Kash's was; this polish might look like a regular creme from a distance, but you'll see it roughly at arm's length. I appreciated that it didn't fade within the two days I wore this -- it was a nice little something special. :)

No major reports on wear (I'm taking it off today), because this is just a quick enabler post so's you can run and scoop it up in case your Walgreens store replaces the Trend Matters display with Denim & Bling. Again, these Sinful Kylie polishes are $2.99, which makes it easy for me to forgive Mauve On's wacktastic brush. If you are like me and have very few to non-existent nail polish scruples, then I enthusiastically recommend the SCKJ Velvet mattes. Shit, don't even think about it. Just buy them all. If you don't like them, I guarantee you will find someone who will take them because Sinful's drugstore polish game is LIT.

I can't believe May begins in two days! (WTF, 2016.) In terms of blog content, I think it's safe to say that you probably can expect roughly the same number of posts as you've seen for March and April (so, 5). I know it's not even close to what I used to churn out, but that's a pretty good number for me these days and I appreciate every visit from you guys. Thank you! FYI, I'm working on a fun post and if you want to see more of my shameful Kylie purchases or have a Kylie request, well, you know what to do ... Happy Friday, and have a good weekend. I'll see you next month!


  1. Love this! I hate it when I actually want to give the Kardashians money.

    1. IKR! I'm tagging all these Sinful Kylies with "damn it kylie" because that is 100% the truth here. Drugstore game on point.


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