Monday, May 2, 2016

China Glaze Pink or Swim

I broke my Swissco glass file last week, so I made a Sally's trip to replace it. In addition to a dangerous mix-and-match B2G1 nail polish sale, I noticed some China Glaze House of Colour polishes in a clearance bin for $2.99 a pop. I grabbed the two I'd been wanting the most. Then the associate ringing me up informed me that those polishes came out to $1.49 each ... so I grabbed two more, and I think with the B2G1 promo, one polish ended up being free! As my aunt often says, I was so excited that I couldn't stand it. (Doesn't take much ...)

Pink or Swim is one of the polishes I ran back to get, and I wanted to give it a whirl first because it was the one I was the most iffy about. I don't entirely trust store lighting, but for $1.49, I was quite willing to let go of any doubts.

Usually I save the color spiel for after the photos but I ended up loving this polish so much, I can't do that today. I don't know how not to make this sound dodgy, but ... Pink or Swim is deceptively boring. When I saw the House of Colour press release, blogger swatches, and finally in person back in January? February?, I gave it a hard pass. In the bottle, it looks like a slightly muted, very warm carnation? salmon? pink, so warm that it's almost coral. Snooze.

Only, not so much. I think if this had been any brighter, it would make a killer neon pastel. As it is, I have to say that Pink or Swim is not nearly as searing as my photos make it look, but it is deceptively bright and really pops on me. And I love it.

Three coats with SV.

Had to bring back Sgt. Doakes because #damndaniel, I was feelin' this polish so hard

See what I mean? Pink or Swim is what I wanted ChG Pinking Out the Window (spring 2015) to be. Compared to a polish like OPI Kiss Me I'm Brazilian, this is significantly warmer, and more subdued. I wasn't sure I'd be able to pull off this color, but I like it so much that I'm considering making this my next pedi shade.

The formula also surprised me in the best way. I mentally geared up for a ride on the struggle bus, but Pink or Swim turned out to be really, really easy to work with. I got great coverage on the first coat, and this was opaque at two. Like, WHAT? For a pastel, this is pretty wild. I added a third coat for photos just in case. Dry time was quick with SV, and I wore this for three days. I was just beginning to get some tip wear last night; after washing dishes without gloves (I know, I know), a huge chunk came right off my right index finger. I'd still feel okay about wearing this for a long weekend away, though.

Very, very delighted with my first pick from House of Colour, so if you too encounter anything from this collection on clearance, you should go for it. You never know! I'm looking forward to trying and sharing my other three House of Colour clearance treasures at some point; I've read pretty good things about these polishes, so I'm stoked.

What about you guys, did you pass on House of Colour? If you didn't, did you have any favorites from that collection? Have you made any great clearance buys lately, or had any polishes that turned out to be surprise winners? --I like hearing about these things. I mean, where else am I going to be able to ask this, if not on my own blog? ;)

One last thing: If you guys are into baby animals at all -- WHICH YOU SHOULD BE -- I need to tell you that there are 13 new cheetah cubs at the Metro Richmond Zoo. They won't be on exhibit anytime soon because they're so little, but you can watch some of these precious babies on the zoo's Cheetah Cam (use Flash-enabled browsers). I think this is a great pick-me-up for a Monday ... or just in general.



  1. Whoa, I am blown away by how how bright and girly this is! It's unexpectedly and positively effervescent on you, Rach! I love knowing that you love it. So breezy and pretty, will definitely make an excellent pedi shade.

    House of Color pretty much went right over my head, but I already picked up two from Lite Brites: Hot Flash and Bite Me. Quite relevant, now that I think about it. Hmm.

    Those cheetah cubs are amazing!

    1. Hi Liz, thanks for the comment (I always enjoy reading yours, haha). It's funny that you said "effervescent," because it brings to mind the similarly-colored OPI Sorry I'm Fizzy Today.

      Ooh, good Lite Brites picks! I have those, too -- I am really excited for those and I've barely made a dent in last summer's collection, but ChG makes some of the best ones. >__<

      They're really cute! I love watching them play. :)


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