Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Gift of Fab: Covergirl x Star Wars Emerald Blaze

Late, but ... May the Fourth be with you! (And happy, happy birthday to one of my best friends -- I love you, Sara!)

I'll be honest: I wasn't feeling too great about "The Force Awakens" as soon as I heard JJ was on board to direct. (Yeah, I'm still salty about how "Alias" ended, and no, I'm never letting it go; also, I HATED "Star Trek Into Darkness.") And then once the Covergirl tie-in products were announced, I still wasn't excited -- I get nervous about movie tie-in products because usually the more they're hyped, the smaller the movie's chances are of actually being good, even if the products are amazing in their own right. When this collection started rolling out into stores, they were so frustratingly HTF, only adding to my displeasure -- it took me almost three months to find the lipstick I wanted! What even, Covergirl.

As far as the Covergirl x Star Wars nail polishes go, literally not a single effort was made because save for three colors (which are easily dupable, IMO), CG basically took existing shades and slapped a Star Wars sticker on them. Such is the case for Emerald Blaze, a core CG polish that also happens to have a dupe in OPI Green on the Runway (the Sprite color from the 2014 OPI Coca-Cola tie-in). Nonetheless, I was touched when my favorite blueberry Chelsea sent me a tiny Christmas package, which included Emerald Blaze. The package arrived the week "The Force Awakens" premiered and I won't lie, this sweet gift did more to get me keyed up for the movie than every dorky conversation I'd had with B. So thank you, Chelsea! πŸ˜˜

Three coats with SV.

A few pics with the shift:

Quick color description: Emerald Blaze has smoky blackened base with prominent green shimmer and a little maroon/copper shift, which makes it look olive. The shift isn't the strongest in some lights, so if you're hoping for an Ozotic level of duochrome, keep sweepin' 'cause this ain't it. I will say that the lit-from-within glow is really nice, and I LOVE the way blackened shimmers look on short nails. Plus we all know I love a jewel tone, and this one is really beautiful.

I own the OPI dupe but I can't find it; everything I've read comparing the OPI and this Covergirl says that the OPI has a thinner but better formula. I did think this CG was thick yet watery at the same time (typical with blackened shimmers), but it wasn't too terrible to work with. Since this is metallic, you really want to put down a good base coat so you don't get bubbles or weird marks when polish dries. I thought it covered well in two coats but preferred it at three. Dry time wasn't too bad with SV, and I'll probably wear this until the end of the day tomorrow. Emerald Blaze is one of those shimmers that you KNOW is going to give you instant tip wear just by looking at it, which certainly was true for me. Maybe next time I'll have to do a Gelous sandwich with it. So far I haven't had any chipping, which is good.

I don't shop Covergirl products too much, so I don't really know what the deal is with their polishes unless I read it on a blog. I think Emerald Blaze originally came out at the beginning of 2015 as part of a Katy Perry mascara collab, along with two other jewel-toned metallic polishes that made up a "Lava" trio of some kind. I know those three colors became core, just in time for me to be unimpressed when the Star Wars polishes came out, hahaha. Anyway, if you want it, just run to the grocery store, drugstore, or wherever is having a Covergirl promo.

Final verdict? I'm kind of split on this one. It would be one thing if this was just a drugstore dupe for a salon-level polish. That is more than fine! However, as a Star Wars tie-in product, it sucks. No originality whatsoever. (Which, BTW, you also could argue was the problem for "The Force Awakens." More on that in a second.)

And here's a rant, because I love "Star Wars." I really do -- the original trilogy, anyway, plus Ewan as Obi-Wan Kenobi -- but I think for such an epic franchise, it deserved much, much more than it got in the way of tie-in cosmetics. It might not matter because people probably bought some of these CG products anyway and "The Force Awakens" made bank, but ... look, if OPI could put out a killer "Skyfall" collection and China Glaze gave us solid "Hunger Games" and "The Giver" collections, a more thoughtful approach for cosmetics aficionadas would have been really nice!

FWIW, I enjoyed "The Force Awakens," but I didn't love it and I definitely do not have it on DVD. Not even Oscar Isaac can change my mind ... and I saw it twice in the theater to make sure, LOL. It was basically "A New Hope: JJ Style" and they really wore that out. It wasn't as awful as Episodes I, II, and III, and could have been so much worse, but I guess I hoped for something more. Who knows, I'll probably be all up in "Rogue One" because I like Felicity and lawd knows I love Mads. That's just me, though -- I'd love to hear what you thought of "TFA," the Covergirl Star Wars collection overall, or your favorite tie-in products. Thanks so much again for this polish, Chelsea! I'm happy to have it. I can see myself grabbing this one again come fall.

Sorry this post went up so late! Time got away from me today, but the good news is I wiped out a lot of household chores. I just wanted to post because IDEK what I'll be doing in a year, and at least this way I was able to put up something for 5/4, even if it was only once.

Not sure when my next post is going up because I just sliced a little bit of skin off one finger while dicing sweet potatoes for tonight's dinner. It's a small cut and really not that bad (I've definitely had worse) but IDK how ugly it's going to get before it starts to heal. (Plus I have no desire to get nail polish remover near open skin, omg OW.) I'm not sure how much of this is an aesthetic thing or a "taking you guys into consideration" thing ... we'll see! But thanks so much for stopping by. :)


  1. I love this color, tie-in or not. But didn't Cover Girl do an "Emerald Blaze" for their Hunger Games tie-in a gazillion years ago? Wishful thinking, is it a possible dupe for Chanel Emeraude? That would save A LOT of Polish Pennies. I don't have a lot of Cover Girl either so it's always a surprise to my collection when I add one.

    1. Hi, Rose! GOOD CALL with the CG Hunger Games colors -- I looked them up and I think you're thinking of Scalding Emerald, a sheer, brownish-sage. So, not that close in the end, but awesome recall with the "emerald"!! And as for Chanel Emeraude, they look significantly different (going by Google Images here). Emeraude looks brighter, not so brown ... maybe more blue-based? I think I'll probably be sacrificing a few bucks for Emeraude, though. >___<

  2. Thinking about the Cover Girl x Star Wars collab makes me cry a bit... what could have been!! Ugh, what a disappointment (not that I didn't buy a bunch of stuff with the Star Wars logo on it #sorrynotsorry). This color is gorgeous but not very Star Wars, though I guess it has a certain Return of the Jedi feel it (or maybe that's just me being crazy).

    I actually really enjoyed The Force Awakens... it has a lot of parallels to the OT in general, not just A New Hope, but I'm along for the ride. I'm very curious to see how VIII and IX will go as JJ isn't at the helm for those. (Not going to lie, though, I'm pretty mad at how JJ destroyed Han/Leia. Boooooooo!)

    1. Hi, Cat! Nice to know it's not just me who was quite let down by the CG x Star Wars collab (and Han/Leia). I'm just, "CG couldn't even come up with a Star Wars universe name for their tie-ins?" (Of course, it's possible that trademark issues came into play here, but they could've tried harder.)

      Definitely planning to watch the other SW movies that come out, too. I'm a little wary considering how much I loved "Star Trek" and we all know how that turned out ... but like you said, those movies will have different directors. So who knows? Let's revisit this conversation after the next film! :)


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