Thursday, May 19, 2016

Sally Hansen CSM Spring Moss

Looking back over my last few blog posts, I guess my yearly spring & summer green-and-pink polish jag hit early. Two weekends ago, I had a yen for a smoked-out creme, which isn't exactly seasonally appropriate, but to heck with that when polishes like this one exist. I had to chuckle when I remembered this green was called "Spring Moss." Perfect.

As always, please forgive the cut on my finger. It looks way less disgusting now, since now it just looks like dry skin. But I'll take it.

Two coats with SV.

To my eye, Spring Moss is a smoky, dusty pine green that leans slightly more green than blue. But the blue tones are super heavy in this one, and I like it. I keep thinking I don't have anything like this color, although I could be super wrong. I dunno. It's just so lush. How could I not?

Nothing unusual about the formula and application here. Normally I go with three coats, but this looked really fantastic at two, so I stopped. I have to say, I am loving how consistent Sally Hansen's CSM cremes have been lately! I only kept this polish on for three days, and it held on pretty well. I had minimal tip wear but JFC, this got the dreaded Seche scuffs well within the first day. (My bottle of Seche is dying, which most likely has a lot to do with this.)

I guess the only bad thing about Spring Moss is that it was LE for last fall's Sally Hansen NYFW Runway collection, thus making it sorta hard to find at this point in the game (though I wouldn't rule out TJ Maxx or Marshalls entirely). Much like Candied Apple (blogged HERE), Spring Moss doesn't seem to be a designer collab shade, which my other two SH CSM Fall 2015 picks are. --And yes, I will post them eventually. :)

K, that's all I have nail-wise for today. I was hoping to get pics of last week's nails and then some pics for next week, but stuff kept popping up and there was never a good time. Here's hoping I can get that done this weekend!

I would write more about what I've been up to lately, but having an Instagram account has dissipated that urge significantly. Things have been relatively boring, and you can always have a look at my posts (link in sidebar!), BUT if I had to pick highlights:

  • My sister and I attended a Lauryn Hill concert last week. She was incredible, her band was on point, and we loved the arrangements on just about every song. NGL, we didn't know what to expect in terms of there being an actual performance because uh, she has A History, plus there was the stunt she'd pulled in Atlanta the weekend before ... so we were a little nervous. Luckily, everything was great. The place was PACKED. We even made a friend in line. Worth it.
  • I got to watch "Keanu" with a couple of friends from my old job. Highly recommend if you love kittens and Key & Peele. The way Jordan Peele's character is so OTT about the kitten = 100% me being OTT about SMA, which made it funnier because I am still not about cats. 
  • Last weekend was Richmond Brunch Weekend benefiting the VCU Massey Cancer Center, so I couldn't not go. I made a reservation at Max's (Belgian-inspired and owned by Tarrant's peeps, I think), and B and I lucked out and got a really nice table on their second-floor patio/open window set-up, right by the window. It was kind of busy because of brunch weekend and also because many new college graduates were out with their families, but we didn't have any issues with the service -- our server was great. Our brunch dishes and our dessert were really good, so I can only imagine how good the actual lunch & dinner items are! They also have valet parking, which is SO NICE if parking downtown is not for you -- if we hadn't found a space around the corner, B probably would have taken advantage of it. I think the only real con is that Max's is not somewhere you want to go if you're on a budget. There are so many other joints where you can get more for your buck (and ngl, I think you're paying in part for the ambiance), so if you're looking to treat yourself or if someone else is looking to treat you, then by all means ... eat up! I would love to go back for dinner, but that might not be for a while. It's just nice to know that this place exists. :)
  • My ex-roommate graduated from her nursing program! She still has to take the NCLEX and all that good stuff, but this is a HUGE accomplishment and as I wrote in her card, she's gonna be as kickass a nurse as Claire Temple. ;) Whatever unit she'll work in will be stupid lucky to have her. So proud of you, T! (I also finally got to meet her parents, who are SO wonderful and just ... ugh, can they adopt me???)
  • Not really job news, but I contacted an organization about a volunteer opportunity that could be a potentially awesome fit. I haven't heard back from them yet but I hope I do! It is so wrenching to repeatedly put yourself out there, whether you're job hunting or volunteering or dating ... so I would like to think something will come out of it. Please cross your fingers for me!
  • Not a highlight as it hasn't happened yet and therefore is more of a consideration: I'm heading to D.C. for a day? a couple of days? next week, so if any of you guys are local readers, I would love suggestions on things to do, where to eat, etc. because I only ever visit my friends or go to the 9:30 Club when I'm there. So far my list looks like (1) the MLK Memorial, (2) the National Gallery of Art, (3) the Renwick Gallery, (4) Kramer's (duh!), (5) Eastern Market, and something else I'm forgetting right now so it must not be important. I don't want to spend a butt ton of money but I also don't want to have a crap time, you know? So if you can share any favorite fun places that aren't outrageously spendy, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

And thanks for reading! I can't believe May is almost over. 2016 needs to slow its damn roll. >__<


  1. This colour I'd definitely giving me fall vibes, but I love it! Plus our spring has been cold AF so it kind of works.

    I definitely need to see Keanu now (and I think you need to just embrace crazy catlady-dom already :-P).

    I wouldn't say "fun" is the right word to describe it, but if you have the time and haven't already been, the Holocaust Museum is amazing and extremely worthwhile. Hope you have an awesome time in DC!

    1. The last 2-3 weeks here basically have been rain, interspersed with some either ridiculously hot or chilly weather. NGL, the only thing I mind about this is never knowing how to dress!

      "Keanu" is one of those movies you'll enjoy if you're watching it with people who are just as ridiculous as you are. And LOL, I'm still kind of "whatever" about cats ... not that SMA would know the difference. :)

      Thanks for the museum suggestion! I've heard wonderful things about it, and it's been on my list for a long time, but I think I would like to save it for a longer DC weekend when I'm not rushing -- I still haven't locked anything down except for Friday night! Whoops. Maybe in the fall? Summer in DC (or any huge city) is gross.

  2. This polish looks amazing on you, Rach! No surprise there -- your skintone is perfect for teasing out and showcasing all the complexities of ambiguous, smoky colors.

    My relationship with Seche Vite is hyper-vigilant to the point of obsession so I'm a little relieved to see that I'm not the only one who notices those despicable Seche Vite scuffs.

    If you're going to be in the Dupont Circle area, I recommend a meal at The Tabard Inn, 1739 N St NW, especially if you can get a table in the garden out back. They also do happy hour in the den-like bar on weekdays. The food is good and it's just a cool place to go that not everyone knows about. It's the oldest continually running hotel in DC, made up of three conjoined townhouses. My sister had her wedding ceremony and reception there many moons ago, so it's a family favorite. But if the weather's nice and you can get a table in the garden, it would be a special experience.

    1. Aw, thanks Liz! I love smoky colors, but they don't always love me back. So I'm glad this one worked out!

      OMG, ugh. SV is my most-reached for top coat, and most of the time it works and wears really well for me -- but these freaking scuffs are SO BAD, especially when your bottle is within its last dregs and when you're wearing it over a dark color.

      Thanks for suggesting the Tabard Inn! I didn't know about it, so I looked it up and wow, your sister's wedding must have been so lovely. What a gorgeous space! If I can't make it there this time around, I'll definitely have to put it on the list for my next DC Weekend. :)


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