Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Gift of Fab: China Glaze Meet Me in the Mirage

I'm still weak for gold, no question. But it occurred to me that I hadn't worn a rose gold polish in a while, so I was stoked to try this one that Janice sent me last month.

I tend to not go for rose gold polishes as much as I go for other varieties of gold, because I think rose gold doesn't really pop on me like gold or copper do. I feel like you have to be either super melanin-deficient or super melanin-abundant (is this even a term? w/e) to make rose gold look good. My parents' friend actually is very fond of wearing rose gold polish (I think she was wearing one the last time they got together), and it looks incredible on her darker skin. On me, it's kind of ... just there? However, I am not one to kick a metallic foil out of my stash without the benefit of a test run.

I'm sure I've said this before, but I love metallic foils because they're like instant finger bling you don't have to worry about losing or being allergic to. I will never not feel this way.

Three coats with SV.

My skin is more yellow than it appears to be in these pictures, but that's okay because this foil is such a beauty. I know I don't have the fanciest and nicest of (phone) cameras, but you can see the blend of pale rose and silver particles here. Not sure how this compares to other rose gold foils, although I've heard it's a fairly neutral one. I also think this polish would come in handy for nail art. And if you enjoy polishes that are very evocative of their names, then you'll enjoy this polish for sure. The foil finish and the word "mirage" are so perfect!

Also perfect: the formula. As with most foils, you can get good coverage in one coat, but I think it looks a pinch more rich at two, you know? Its dry time with Seche was indeed fast, and a weekend of wear was surprisingly good -- no chips, just a hint of tip wear.

Meet Me in the Mirage was the only foil in China Glaze's six-piece Desert Escape collection from last summer. Now this collection wasn't exactly easy to find last summer since it was exclusively available on the Lock and Mane site, not at Ulta, and only available as a mini set or in nail art sets at Sally's (though strangely, I did come upon two full-size Desert Escape shades at TJ Maxx). If you DO want it now, though, you should be able to find it on Amazon and eBay. I will say that the colors and finishes in Desert Escape aren't especially unique compared to the Great Outdoors and Cheers collection palettes, but they undoubtedly are THE nicest polishes that you could want in those particular colors and finishes. I'm so excited about inheriting this set -- thanks, Janice! :D

Edited to add that this polish is in the core ChG display at Ulta, along with The Heat is On (the red creme) and What's She Dune (the nude creme).

Any thoughts on Meet Me in the Mirage, rose golds vs. other golds, or your favorite metallic shades for summer? What about Desert Escape? Let me know if you're interested in seeing another DE shade -- save for one color, I think I might be able to get some decent photos.

Hope everyone's July is going well. Sans some family stuff, mine's been pretty boring so far, but things are about to get kicked up a notch because I impulse bought a ticket to see Eddie Izzard on his "Force Majeure" tour next week. Also, there's this.

To borrow from small business owner Dave Rose (RIP, "Happy Endings"), I've officially gone #gradschooldark. First, I need a math tutor because how does math work? You gotta understand, I bombed the math portion of my SATs back in the day -- my math scores kept getting lower despite attending SAT math prep twice a week. Even my instructor was like, "WTF?" I'm freaking out. Second, I feel like I'm putting the cart before the horse a little bit here because while my intended degree program at my prospective school doesn't require GRE scores, certain certificate programs that are offered in conjunction with other departments do require GRE scores. And as luck would have it, I'm heavily interested in those certificate programs. >___< I'm going to have to go down to the university and speak with someone about all this. I'm scared, y'all. So if you feel like sending good math vibes or some courage my way, I sure would appreciate it. Thanks in advance, and thanks for reading! I'll keep you posted.


  1. Very pretty. I don't have this (but I kinda like it!) but I do have CG Strike Up a Cosmo, which is a lot more rose/pink, I think. And more gold than silver. I also got Rendezvous With You, the dark purple foil, but I still haven't worn it yet (I am ashame). Recently got Essie Pret A Surfer, trying to decide if I should wear now or save for a festive birthday polish. We'll see. Have a good one!

    1. Sorry, I totally forgot ~*^<€£¥+=> sending good math vibes to Rach... and overall good luck. Proud of you! xoxo

    2. Oh, that ChG is gorgeous, too. If I can find it in my room, I'll definitely put that up here!

      Wear Pret-A-Surfer now. It's not ~sapphire enough for bday festivities, IMO. Leans too periwinkle. ;)

      And thanks for the good vibes! I'll find out what the deal is soon re: program requirements.

  2. Ugh I love Meet Me in the Mirage! I wanted to pick up the nude from this collection, too, and the aqua because I love those kinds of blues, but I keep forgetting. I can't believe this collection is a year old already!

    Also, good luck with the GRE! I also kept doing poorly on the math part of the SATs, stupid math!

    1. So, good news, although I probably texted you about it before you see this: the nude is also core at Ulta! So get it the next time there's a ChG promo :D

      Thanks, Ashley <3 Math is the worst. Actually my friend told me to read Winnie Cooper's math books because they're supposedly really helpful, so I might check those out.


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