Monday, July 25, 2016

Christmas in July: China Glaze Meet Me Under the Stars

Another ChG today -- hopefully you won't mind! I think I wrote before that I was super into China Glaze Twinkle (Holiday 2014) this past holiday season, so much so that I ended up trying out 4 from that collection. Meet Me Under the Stars wound up being my actual Christmas NOTD. A little ho-hum compared to other holiday polishes, perhaps, but I loved the look.

Three coats with SV.

So, not exactly my best set of photos ... but eh. It's something, I guess.

Silver microglitter in a black jelly base miiiight not be the most original idea, and maybe not something you'd expect to see in a holiday collection (well ... a holiday that isn't Halloween). I would say that compared to a polish like Orly Goth, the glitters in Meet Me Under the Stars are more dense and packed together. It's also pretty interesting in that its black jelly base leans ever so slightly blue, since most black jellies have a touch of brown IMO. Finally, I believe the microglitters technically are holo glitters, but they're much too small and faint most of the time that it's not going to be an issue for the 1% of you who, like me, aren't wild about holos.

Upon second use, the formula on my bottle is a little bit thick, which I don't mind since it's easier to thin a polish than try to thicken it up. You'll need three coats to get this opaque (you might have VNL or a bald patch at two), but each coat dries fairly quickly. I'm also happy to report that while Meet Me Under the Stars doesn't dry completely smooth, it isn't a thirsty glitter, so a Gelous glitter sandwich won't be necessary, either. I can't remember how long I wore this one, but I want to say it was somewhere between one week and two weeks because I was busy and too lazy to change my polish. I'm pretty sure it chipped sometime before the end of Week 1 but it must not have been bad enough for me to warrant removal for a while. I just remember being stoked that this polish made it for one week and survived Christmas Eve dinner prep -- I've been taking a more active role in helping prep my family's holiday dinners, so a polish that doesn't look worse for the wear is a huge deal for me.

K, this is all I have for a ~Christmas in July post. Do any of you guys have this polish, or any favorites from ChG Twinkle? Are there certain holiday polishes you find yourself reaching for year-round? Anyone else making their holiday gift lists early this year? I swear I'm gonna start gift shopping soon, because time always sneaks up on me in the end ... and getting an early start doesn't hurt when you're trying to stretch your gift budget. Some of my friends are a little more challenging to shop for than others but maybe 2016 is the year everyone gets a Funko, haha.

Hope you guys have been enjoying this month -- I can't believe it's almost over! This week was pretty lame ... I got sick and binged all of "Jane the Virgin" (love, love, LOVE the Latin Lover Narrator, my new favorite TV narrator since Jim Dale on "Pushing Daisies") and "Wet Hot American Summer" (finally), and I'm really excited about a new library book that just came in (Rise of the Rocket Girls by Nathalia Holt). So yeah, I guess I have that going for me.

OH! One more thing ... I noticed that some hashtags on Instagram, including a couple of my personal ones, quit working halfway through last week. WTF? I know there's always this + the bevy of censored/banned tags, but lol please. I only noticed when SMA's hashtag stopped showing everything except Top Posts, and then a day later with my nails tag. Again ... huh??? I don't know that this warrants sending a bug report and so I suppose I could always wait for things to go back to normal ... but if any of you who are IG-/tech-savvy could enlighten me (specifically as to whether the error is on my end or IG's), I'd be very much obliged. Many thanks in advance!

Thanks for reading, and I'll see you next time. :)

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