Thursday, July 7, 2016

5 years! + Wet n Wild Mega Last Poppy Culture

Happy fifth birthday to Stuff! When I started this blog, my initial projection was that I'd do it for a couple of years, tops, and then fade out as my life picked back up, which seems to be the way most blogs go these days. The mediums have changed, too -- there are far more vlogs/YouTube channels, pins, and Instagram accounts now than there were five years ago.

I'm glad I kept this space, though. Because of this blog, I've made some wonderful personal connections; in particular, getting to know other nail enthusiasts for the last five years, whether you came from NB or other blogs, has been so fun. It's also hard to think of a time when I wasn't constantly in contact with some of the women who have become dear friends (in fact, I'm planning to visit Janice this fall!). Because of this blog, I had a semi-creative outlet, gained new perspectives on website maintenance and content creation, and of course I've definitely schooled myself in polish -- all good things for which I always will be grateful as I hurtle toward my 30s and, most likely, another career change.

My very first post was about a Chanel. Five years later, I find it funny that I'm not quite able to get away from drugstore polishes! You know how it is, you run in to grab a water or whatever, and then you detour by the cosmetics ... They're such cheap thrills. And in all honesty, I've had generally better wear results with my Wet n Wild Mega Last polishes than with some of my Chanels. I can't knock that!

I wanted to post a polish that would double as a good July Fourth polish and a fun blogiversary? blogaversary? pick, so a warm red seemed safe. But the name of this LE Wet n Wild from the Mega Last line really sealed the deal, because HELLO, HAVE YOU READ THIS BLOG? Emoji heart eyes, motherfucker! I'm sure Poppy Culture has dupes -- it gave me Essie Color Binge vibes -- but ... $1.99! I think I passed up a Mountain Dew for this. Whatever. Worth it.

Three coats with SV.

(had to sharpen this one. sorry if it looks grainy or weird)

Not the most original color, but I don't mind. Like Color Binge, this red is heavy on the orange but also retains a hint of coral. In that sense, Poppy Culture isn't tonally close to other poppy shades I've got in my stash, since those tend to be deeper (e.g., SH CSM Perfectly Poppy + Joe Fresh Poppy); nor would I consider this a tomato red. The formula on this creme is wonderful and for its original price point, you'd be hard pressed to find a better polish with this quality. So while I might not have a lot to say about this polish, I'm pretty happy with it.

My wear was just OK with this since I did a fair amount of washing stuff and food prep. After three days, I had tip wear, SV scuffs, and most of the polish on my chippy finger had peeled right off. That was fun. But I think that's par for the course right now with food prep & my weird chip-prone nail, so I won't hold it against Poppy Culture.

Poppy Culture was one of four Mega Last polishes included in the LE Lost in the Wild Flowers collection, which I started seeing in April, so I don't know if you'd be able to walk into your closest Walgreens and still find it. If you're still hankering for this, though, this is on sale on the Wet n Wild website, and make sure you check the clearance section at Walgreens, Rite Aid, or even Kmart (Kmart beauty clearance MAJORLY came through for me earlier this spring, and after that I will never skip it if I'm close to one that might have what I want!).

Maybe not the most exciting blog birthday post, but I thought a late one would be better than not having one at all, or glossing over it completely, which is what I did last year and not totally fair to something that's brought me some joy for several years. So thank you for reading, commenting, emailing, and swapping polish with me, or just RAOKing it because you're that nice. Thank you for every follow and every repin and every like on IG. Thank you for making these past five years a little more special for me to look back on. It's meant more than I can say. <3


  1. Happy Blogiversary! I have so so enjoyed reading your blog and chatting with you about polish, pop culture, life... 5 years, wow! Time flies! xo, Leissa

    1. Forgot to mention I also wore a warm-ish red on 4th of July (shocker!) Essie Long Stem Roses. Still wearing it due to HAZMAT NO TIME as you like to say, only now it looks like a 2nd grader's mani, chips galore. (Thumb & pinky, tip wear only, though)

    2. Thank you, Leissa! It's been fun getting to know you through your comments & emails, too. :)

      I had to Google that Essie. PRETTY! Good pick. ;) And #hazmatnotime is a joke from ye olde MakeUpAlley nail board, just FYI. I think this one lady was in the process of moving overseas, but she had to do it FAST and she didn't have time to find homes for her collection, which she couldn't take with her. I can't remember if she or someone else coined the phrase, but it will never not make me (and a bunch of other users) laugh hysterically.

  2. Happy Birthday, Stuff! Pretty articulate for a five year old. I'm glad you're here, and wish you many happy returns of the day. Salud! *slurp* Love that color!

    1. Hahaha. Thank you, Liz! You're so nice. And this color so money, I cannot stand it. It's worth hunting down if you can.


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