Monday, August 29, 2016

Solo Skinny Dipping: RBL Oh Slap!

Although Anna and I used to post nude/neutral, work-safe polishes once a month, many of those polishes never made it on my nails as full NOTDs. However, I recently found myself in a situation where I felt that I actually needed to wear such a polish outside of the house. Overwhelmed with choices, I sent reader Marija a picture of four polishes I was entertaining, and she opted for this RBL that Janice sent me back in June. So today I'm sharing Oh Slap!, from RBL's Anatomy of a #KDrama collection, the last RBL collection to really surprise me and blow me away.

While this polish is 100% pink, I hope you'll be able to see why I'm tagging it under a nude label. It's a slightly faded pale pink that applies like a milky, buildable sheer -- people tend to do 2-3 coats, so I did 3. Well, at 12:30 a.m., I wasn't thrilled. At first I was like, "WTF was Scrangie talking about when she said this color makes your nails look 'cute and perfect'?" 

But my opinion swiftly changed a few hours later when I saw it in morning light. Pictured below is Oh Slap! at four coats + SV, because I have the attention span of ... IDK, but I forgot I'd done a third coat already. Oops. Believe me when I say three coats don't look much different than four coats with this polish.

Lesson learned, y'all: Always. Trust. Scrangie. I think this sort of faded pink blends into my skin tone a little bit, but hand to God, I would be lying if I said I didn't even feel a smidge more pulled together. It's money. Well done, RBL.

Now here's where I got a little confused with this polish: virtually every RBL blogger said they used 3 coats of this polish for opacity, it was streak-free, and it was beyond easy to work with. This was not entirely my experience. In fact, I thought Oh Slap! was a bit streaky at three coats, but I let Seche level that out and it looked okay. I feel like the OPI NYC Ballet polishes and WnW Mega Last 2% Milk are my benchmarks for milky, buildable jellies/sheers, and while Oh Slap! wasn't a total horrorshow, it didn't even approach the greatness of those polishes as far as formulation & application are concerned. I really had to figure out how to apply it evenly -- which would have been fine if that had been my original expectation, and it wasn't. Just my $0.02. At any rate, dry time was average with SV and wear was awesome after three days, which is when I got a chip after trying to open a plastic wrapper because these days my fingers are tools, not jewels.

Anyone looking for a bottle of Oh Slap! (or really, any RBL) is pretty much SOL these days now that RBL's closed up shop. The only places to find them are on Ebay, on FB destash groups, blog sales, or IG/Storenvy/Poshmark-type destashes. The 2 bottles of Oh Slap! I just looked up on eBay are going for upwards of $20, so be prepared to drop some coin. :( Had Janice not gifted this beauty to me, I would not have known what I was missing out on, so thank you very much, J!

I really hope it doesn't take me forever to share a nude polish again, since I've gotten some interesting ones I'd like to post eventually. Any thoughts on Oh Slap! or the RBL #KDrama polishes? (I love them and now have all but Instant Amnesia because that'll look like ass on me.) By the way, if you guys have any favorite KDramas, please share them in the comments because I need some new shows to add to my backlog of stuff I barely have time to watch right now. I remember an ex-roommate was obsessed with "Boys Over Flowers" the last year we lived together, hahaha. Maybe I should start there?

Thanks for reading! Hopefully everyone's doing well and enjoying the last few days of summer. I'm not ready for summer to be over, but that's only because it's been so unsatisfying compared to all the shenanigans I got up to last year. As much as I welcome fall and adore September, I guess I'm still holding out for something stupid epic. We'll see.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Pretty Serious Cosmetics Dupe

For whatever reason, it's been a couple of years since my last Pretty Serious haul. Your guess why is as good as mine, because (1) Kaz always has a killer range of colors & finishes in stock, (2) customer service is on point, (3) the AUD to USD exchange rate makes this brand incredibly affordable, and (4) PS has a U.S.-based distributor, so those of us stateside don't have to worry about dealing with international mail quirks, customs, etc.

PS had a flash sale last month, so I let myself spring for three polishes I'd been wanting, plus one from the very latest PS collection, Serious Business. I love the concept behind this collection (don't you love it when polish brands unabashedly are "for us by us"?), and couldn't resist adding Dupe to my cart.

Three coats with SV.

Normally I'm not big on glitter, but as a purple lover, I fell hard for Dupe's glitter combo. There's purple, fuchsia, pale yellow gold, blue, teal, and green glitters plus some holo pieces that I surprisingly didn't mind, as well as some green shards (not pictured). I do find, however, that because there's so much going on, a little bit is compromised in the way of formula and the visibility of the dark blue base (some say it's teal, it's closer to a midnight blue for me). I also didn't really see the glass fleck everyone else is talking about. I guess you also could layer Dupe over a dark polish, but that's not really my style.

So, about the formula: While Dupe is so fun to look at, it's a little bit annoying to work with, and again, I'm convinced glitter mixture is why. It's thick and I suspect it will be a little goopy on any use afterwards -- which generally is my experience with Pretty Serious as well as RBL (must be a resin thing?) -- so I might have to thin it a little in the future. It covers fine in two coats, but upon closer inspection under both a window and my OttLite, I didn't think the jelly base was opaque enough, so I added a third. Dupe is a thirsty glitter, so you may want to consider a Gelous glitter sandwich or using a special glitter top coat. I went straight for my Seche and had average dry time with this one.

Wear was unusually awesome -- I can't remember when I put it on, which means I wore this for either 6 or 7 days. I had minimal tip wear and didn't get any chips until Day 4? 5?, when some of the glitters around my free edges started snagging on everything. But I was immensely pleased and impressed, because up until now, I ALWAYS have had chips within one day of putting on a Pretty Serious polish, grrrr. It's nice to know that I have at least one PS that is capable of making it through a good chunk of the week! I'm looking forward to experimenting with more of my untried PS polishes. :D Dupe still should be available on the Pretty Serious site for whatever $9.95 AUD retails for in your country, and once again I'll remind you PS has a US/CAN. distributor and frequent sales/promos, so if you're looking to try something new and awesome, I enthusiastically recommend that you shop your little heart out there.

Talk to me about Serious Business! Anyone else love the concept of this collection? Did you buy any of these polishes, or do you have any favorites? I wouldn't mind a couple more, but I'd rather scoop up some of their blogger collab (supposedly Dupe's makeup is similar to Scrangie's PS collab polish) and Museum of Naileontology releases first (Khepri's Amulet, y'all!). Maybe before I disappear from blogging, I'll try to throw up a couple other PS posts. With the indie market's continued oversaturation, I'm glad PS still is around doing their thing and kicking butt.

I hope everything is going well for you guys, and that you're enjoying what for some of you are the last days of summer since it's almost back-to-school time (!). I'm drowning in family stuff and the grad school application process -- I want to submit my materials early in December instead of mid-January (lbr, I'm gonna want to enjoy the holidays instead of stressin'). It's nice to be working toward a tangible, measurable goal again but oh my god, it's extra stressful after being out of school for nearly a decade. It probably doesn't help that I'm so neurotic and overly risk-averse that I tend to agonize over big decisions more than I normally would. So I hope everything works out in the end.

Thanks for reading! I hope to post again soon.