Monday, August 29, 2016

Solo Skinny Dipping: RBL Oh Slap!

Although Anna and I used to post nude/neutral, work-safe polishes once a month, many of those polishes never made it on my nails as full NOTDs. However, I recently found myself in a situation where I felt that I actually needed to wear such a polish outside of the house. Overwhelmed with choices, I sent reader Marija a picture of four polishes I was entertaining, and she opted for this RBL that Janice sent me back in June. So today I'm sharing Oh Slap!, from RBL's Anatomy of a #KDrama collection, the last RBL collection to really surprise me and blow me away.

While this polish is 100% pink, I hope you'll be able to see why I'm tagging it under a nude label. It's a slightly faded pale pink that applies like a milky, buildable sheer -- people tend to do 2-3 coats, so I did 3. Well, at 12:30 a.m., I wasn't thrilled. At first I was like, "WTF was Scrangie talking about when she said this color makes your nails look 'cute and perfect'?" 

But my opinion swiftly changed a few hours later when I saw it in morning light. Pictured below is Oh Slap! at four coats + SV, because I have the attention span of ... IDK, but I forgot I'd done a third coat already. Oops. Believe me when I say three coats don't look much different than four coats with this polish.

Lesson learned, y'all: Always. Trust. Scrangie. I think this sort of faded pink blends into my skin tone a little bit, but hand to God, I would be lying if I said I didn't even feel a smidge more pulled together. It's money. Well done, RBL.

Now here's where I got a little confused with this polish: virtually every RBL blogger said they used 3 coats of this polish for opacity, it was streak-free, and it was beyond easy to work with. This was not entirely my experience. In fact, I thought Oh Slap! was a bit streaky at three coats, but I let Seche level that out and it looked okay. I feel like the OPI NYC Ballet polishes and WnW Mega Last 2% Milk are my benchmarks for milky, buildable jellies/sheers, and while Oh Slap! wasn't a total horrorshow, it didn't even approach the greatness of those polishes as far as formulation & application are concerned. I really had to figure out how to apply it evenly -- which would have been fine if that had been my original expectation, and it wasn't. Just my $0.02. At any rate, dry time was average with SV and wear was awesome after three days, which is when I got a chip after trying to open a plastic wrapper because these days my fingers are tools, not jewels.

Anyone looking for a bottle of Oh Slap! (or really, any RBL) is pretty much SOL these days now that RBL's closed up shop. The only places to find them are on Ebay, on FB destash groups, blog sales, or IG/Storenvy/Poshmark-type destashes. The 2 bottles of Oh Slap! I just looked up on eBay are going for upwards of $20, so be prepared to drop some coin. :( Had Janice not gifted this beauty to me, I would not have known what I was missing out on, so thank you very much, J!

I really hope it doesn't take me forever to share a nude polish again, since I've gotten some interesting ones I'd like to post eventually. Any thoughts on Oh Slap! or the RBL #KDrama polishes? (I love them and now have all but Instant Amnesia because that'll look like ass on me.) By the way, if you guys have any favorite KDramas, please share them in the comments because I need some new shows to add to my backlog of stuff I barely have time to watch right now. I remember an ex-roommate was obsessed with "Boys Over Flowers" the last year we lived together, hahaha. Maybe I should start there?

Thanks for reading! Hopefully everyone's doing well and enjoying the last few days of summer. I'm not ready for summer to be over, but that's only because it's been so unsatisfying compared to all the shenanigans I got up to last year. As much as I welcome fall and adore September, I guess I'm still holding out for something stupid epic. We'll see.


  1. Oh Slap! is very pretty and serene on you, Rach! I can see why you tagged it as a nude. It's actually much better balanced and cleaner on you than I remember from seeing it elsewhere, where it seemed muddier, more lilac-like. It probably wouldn't have done well with my personal pinkage, which tends to run roughshod over delicate shades.

    The one #kdrama RBL I have is Will They Won't They, which is butt ugly on me for the same reason. It's a lavender with blue glass fleck that my pinkage reduced to a murky greyish mess. *sad star* It's actually quite lovely on the right person, and applies nicely too as I remember. Would you like it? Email me at krusen2 at mindspring dot com with your particulars if you would, it would please me greatly to send it your way!

    1. Always nice to hear from you, Liz! Emailing you now. :)


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