Stuff About Me (and this blog)


Rach here, thank you for visiting Stuff I Swatched! I LOVE pop culture and nail polish, so I love having a space on the internet to talk about both of them (you know, rather than bore my friends to death). But if you're looking for nail art and swatches of indie polishes, you won't find those on Stuff -- I can't do nail art, and my indie collection is laughable compared to other girls'. (Plus there are just TOO MANY brands to keep track of now!)

As far as my fashion sense and outward appearance go, I’m what you might call a late bloomer. Between my general nerdiness and lifelong allergies, I’ve never really been interested in make-up/cosmetics, but the day before Thanksgiving 2008, I suddenly decided to get a manicure along with my monthly eyebrow wax. That was all it took. I don’t remember the name or the brand of the color I chose, but it was a vampy berry red creme. I wore that shit for three weeks before taking it off and having my friend help me buy a dupe: my gateway polish, Sally Hansen Maximum Growth in Wholesome Earth. 


I created Stuff back in 2011 as a creative outlet to document my stash. In addition to sharing the polish love, I’m hoping I will come to truly cherish everything in my stash and make new friends (and some room for some new lemmings). 

I begun this blog using pictures taken with my 2010 HTC Droid Eris, and I’ve come to enjoy sharing my NOTD shots with my Droid Incredible and Incredible II. I think they look pretty good, but if I end up needing to retouch them, I'll let you know.
All of the polishes shown here were purchased by me, gifted by friends, or have been swapped for with some fantastic readers or ladies on MakeUpAlley (MUA) unless otherwise stated.

I don’t know where this blog project is going to take me, or if this is going to be anything more than a short-lived obsession until my life gets back on track, but either way, thank you for keeping me company! 

And to my fellow "FNL" fans, Texas Forever. No regrets.


E-MAIL: rachswatched at gmail dot com

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